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Liz Schmidt 14:22:21 7/18/2001


Hello Lisa! I've written in here before, but this time I have a question that's directed towards anyone who can help. Does anyone know how or where to get a decent audio of the whole scene where Alice preps for her battle with Freddy in part 4?? That's my favorite Alice scene! Thanks. Good wishes to you Lisa! P.S. I luv toe brights!

Liz Schmidt From Chicago, usa


Harold Burgher - upcoming,director 03:30:54 7/18/2001


I just read the script on Jason v.s. Freddy and said that you were coming back as Alice is it true?

Harold Burgher - upcoming,director From dayton, ohio


phillip tatlow 15:13:05 7/16/2001


Dear Lisa: I haven't communicated with you since we were children and Dad and Jim were buddies. I hope that your career continues to go well. I'm now an attorney in St. Louis, Mo. Take care.

phillip tatlow From st. louis, mo, usa


Jon 18:07:45 7/15/2001


Hi Lisa,
I have been a firm fan of yours since Nightmare 4. Your style of acting is so pure and natural. And I think you are one of the worlds most beautiful women. I wish you every success in all your future projects, including this wonderful web site. Thank you for being who you are, and sharing some aspects of your life with us fans.
It's just a shame that some of us with lower incomes are unable to purchase one of your autographed photos. But as I've been reminded many a time "bills have to be paid first"
Best wishes, Jon

Jon From Essex, United Kingdom


Andrea 09:30:41 7/15/2001


Hi Lisa!

As with Katie I am also on-site with your Mom.....she says you will be here on the 19th and I'm hoping that you'll be bringing some Toe Brights with you. Your mom brought in one for Katie and we are all soo jealous!

Hope to see you Thursday!


Andrea From Omaha, NE, USA


Katie Cords 09:16:54 7/15/2001


HI Lisa,
I am on-site with your mom in San Diego. We have been looking through this web-site as well as the web-site. I bought a toe ring from your mom this morning!

I loved to hear your mom's comments on your pictures on this web-site.

Good luck on all of your endeavors!


Katie Cords From Omaha, NE, US



Adam Ransom 18:42:02 7/13/2001


Hi Lisa, I have been checking the 'net for a couple of years every now and then to find out what you've been up to career-wise since the elm street's. (Bet you're sick of hearing about them aren't you??) Then all of a sudden you're up with your own site and Toe-Brights. I'm glad to see you're still on top. Anyway it's early morning here in the UK so i'm going to get some sleep. If you ever get some time drop me a note it'd be great to get mail from you, it'd be kinda funny, the average bloke on the street getting fan mail from a star, :-) otherwise all the best for the future! See Ya, Adam.

Adam Ransom From Manchester, UK
http://One day...maybe just one day...i'll be bothered to do one!


lance yarwood 16:41:05 7/11/2001


Hi lisa just wanted to touch bases with you. sorry I missed you at the 20th reunion. please let me know how to contact you for a trip down memory lane.

lance yarwood From irvine, ca


David Hollis Jr. 12:27:43 7/03/2001


HI! First of all, I think you're terrific. My friend Sam Hoyle(who also signed this) and I are huge fans of you and of the whole Elm St. films. We are also amateur filmmakers on the brink of making it huge. We're currently in the process to start filming a movie that will tear down the very walls of Hollywood, and I think you'd be terrific in it, so if you want more info about it, please don't hesitate to email me. I hope to hear from you, but if not, keep up the amazing work!

David Hollis Jr. From Pennsylvania


Jeroen 12:01:01 7/01/2001


hi lisa. I loved u in the freddy movies
and u have a special spot in my heart
ever since. saw u once in a McGyver
show but then i never heard of u
since. hope ur doing great!

Jeroen From Rijen, The Netherlands


Amanda 12:13:04 6/30/2001


Hi your site. Its always great to find out information about you. And its nice to see that you are working with Tuesday once again...I love all the beautiful toe rings and accessories you have to offer. Although I haven't bought any yet, I sure plan to do so! Keep up the great work in everything you do!!!

Amanda From Pennsylvania, USA


Gina Lombardi 15:40:15 6/25/2001


lisa Wilcox is soo cool and I loved her in the nightmare on elm street movies and I can't wait to see her in freddy vs jason movie that is going to be very cool.

Gina Lombardi From Denver Co, USA


Michelle Reed 19:36:23 6/23/2001


I had waitressed at a rehersal dinner at the Vincent House in Fort Dodge Iowa
(Wilcox was one of the last names. Any how the bridesmaids we're all wearing toe brights and I asked one of them where she had gotten them and she gave me a business card. I haven't boughten one yet but I plan on it! As I love toe rings! But curiosity has gotten me, we're you at that rehersal dinner that night? Please let me know if you can! Thank you, Michelle Reed

Michelle Reed From Fort Dodge, Iowa, United States


Anthony 19:43:57 6/20/2001


Lisa, I saw your webpage and I adore it. I first discovered you in the Dreamaster, Nightmare 4. U stunned everyone and you were better in the 5th one. I thought you should have been in the Freddy's Dead one. You would have made the perfect person to kill Freddy. Anyways, I hope you get a spot in Freddy vs Jason or in the "New Nightmare" The fans really need you. Goodluck, godspeed and I hope you have more good happenings to you. Have a nice day!


Anthony From Pembroke Pines, FL, USA


Jeff 01:12:05 6/15/2001


Hey there,...I would Just like to say how much I love the work you have done and how much I look forward to your work in the future...sure you are well known in the horror genre but I think the work you have done mainstream deserves way more attention!...I have enjoyed all your films and wish you luck in your future projects....It is very rare for people to connect with a charcter of a horror film...but I think alot of us did that with Alice..and I encurage everyone who visits this to check out all of Lisa's work don't limit yourself on a good thing!

Jeff From North Carolina, Usa


Natalie 06:22:46 6/14/2001


Hi Lisa its me again!
If im not asking too much would you be able to send me a signed autograph picture?If so email me and i'll give you my address!

Natalie From England


Darrin Druzsba 12:25:47 6/13/2001


Hi Lisa, Just wanted to say HI, also; It was a pleasure to get to meet you at a CHILLER show at the Meadowlands in New Jersey. You were very nice & very sweet to me & everyone else that met you . Sometimes you don t always get that. But I hope to get the chance to meet you again & stop by and say HI, and of course another autograph. See you later , and again thats for being sooooo cool to everyone.

Darrin Druzsba From Old Bridge , New Jersey, U.S.A.


Kevin Seals 07:36:35 6/12/2001


Hey, Lisa, I'm just curious when are you going to make another movie because you were hot ####! in the freddy kruger movies.

Kevin Seals From Paterson, New Jersey, United States


Stephen 19:35:46 6/04/2001


Hey Lisa!
This is so neat you have your own interactive web page. It's also very funny because me and a bunch of my friends were watching Nightmare 4 the other night!!
I want to tell you that you are my favorite "Freddy Girl" and that Nightmare on Elm Street 4 is my favorite of all the Nightmare films.

I am 20 years old now but when I was younger I wasn't really allowed to see the films in the theaters! Because of this I would torture my parents until the movies came out on video. After that, I was hooked! And I always wanted to be in a Nightmare film.

Right now I am currently trying to get representation because I want to be an actor. I also go to school. But I always said that "one day I would be in a Freddy movie!!" And since everyone knows that this genre isn't 'dead' I'm sure that one day I will work on one of these awesome films, and you never know, maybe you'll return as "Alice!"

You're a great actress and keep up the work with this site. It's awesome!


Stephen From Pennsylvania, USA


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Axe 17:26:17 6/04/2001


Hi Lisa. You're very beauty.
I want to find all soundtracks from "Nightmare Of Elm Street 4".
But I don't know where I may get it into internet.
I have interest about mp3.files.
Please, help me if it possible.
...and visit to Russia.
(I'm sorry for bad English)

Axe , Russia


Ansley 16:51:57 6/01/2001


Whazap Lis? NMH ur sooo kool! and pretty, i might wanna add that 2. toe brights is so neat. well n e hoo, g2g ttyl

Ansley From GA, USA


manny soler 16:15:59 5/31/2001


this site rules and so do u

manny soler From new york, usa


luis j ugarte 01:25:31 5/29/2001


hay lisa it wonderful to no you still working in flims i,m glad to see you and i really injoy your web site hope to see you in another nightmare flim


luis j ugarte From florida, palm beach


Nothing Special 07:29:54 5/28/2001


Hey Lisa!
Sorry to be ANOTHER
person going on about your
NOES appearances, but you
and Tuesday Knight were so
good in them!! It must be
so good to know how your
acting has
influenced,inspired and
impressed so many people
accross the world- well
done you!


Nothing Special From Merseyside, England


Josh 04:02:31 5/28/2001


At ten, my parents allowed me to see my first horror film in a theater by myself. They bought my friend Kevin and I tickets to see The Dream Master. Needless to say, it became my coming of age movie. I've been a big fan ever since, and I owe you a lot. Thank you so much for everything.

Josh From Los Angeles, CA, United States


Aaron Erickson 12:55:58 5/23/2001


Wow!! I was just searching around and I found your web page and you sure look different in the first picture of your web site I almost didn't think it was you!! Keep up the good work and I hope you make more Nightmare films in the future. Peace! APE 3162000

Aaron Erickson From Anaheim,CA, United States


Claudia 16:27:51 5/22/2001


Hi Lisa!

This is really a great web site! Thanks for sharing so many private pics with us.

It was great to see you at the Grand Slam convention in Pasadena.

Keep up your fine work!
Best always!


Claudia From Hannover, Germany


Kevin Seals 08:10:14 5/22/2001


Hey Lisa Wilcox, I love you and Heather Lagenkamp so much too bad she died in NOES 3 you were the only one that survived. Please play at least one more Nightmare movie.

Kevin Seals From New Jersey, US


Gary Tatlow 12:12:37 5/21/2001


Lisa This looks great. We keep up on you through you DAD and Sonia. Please call if you are ever in our area. Our love to you and the kids.
Gary Tatlow

Gary Tatlow From 1507 Keegan Ct, Columbia,Mo 65203


Chris Tankersley 02:30:16 5/18/2001


Welcome to wonderland......Alice

were you actually offered a part in Freddy vs. Jason? Love your work. You'll definitely be in my dreams..
Regards, Tankman

Chris Tankersley From alabama, america


Andy Wade 19:31:33 5/16/2001


Hey Lisa, Didn't even know you had an official site! I know you must get pretty fed up of people talking about your roles in the NOES movies, but you were brilliant in them and your performances stood out from many other lacklustre ones. Glad to hear you're still in the business!

Andy Wade From Hull, UK


Shannon Delane 21:14:27 5/14/2001


Hey Lisa I love you in NOES 4&5 and I hope if the ever make Freddy vs Jason you will be in it, because girl you rock and you can kick Freddy's butt again.

Shannon Delane From Tennessee, Usa


Stephanie "Stevie" Pottberg 09:44:20 5/13/2001


Hi Lisa,
Just a note to say I love the toe rings. I will definately be buying a few. I'm not familar with you work as an actress. But looks like you have some nice fans. One freddy movie was enough for me! :)

God Bless, Stevie

Stephanie "Stevie" Pottberg From Anaheim, Ca.


Skip 21:50:11 5/12/2001


Me again!
I forgot to add something into my last entry, so here goes: Do you know what I'd like to see on your website? Your personal faves!! For example, your top 5 or 10 favourite movies, actors, actresses, musicians, albums, books, TV shows, etc. It would be interesting for us fans!! Anyway, just a suggestion.... BYE!!


Skip From Ontario, CANADA!!!


Skip 21:45:00 5/12/2001


Hey Lisa!!
Just wanted to leave a little note to see how you were doing! I haven't noticed alot of updates on your site, anything exciting going on? I was wondering if you ever frequent Canada(specifically Toronto) for conventions or filming? Also, do you know if there will be a rerun of the Brady Bunch bio-pic? I unfortunately missed it the first time round!! Anyway, gotta make like a baby and head out! I hope all is well!!


Skip From Ontario, CANADA!!!!


Ansley 14:58:13 5/12/2001


Lisa Wilcox kicks booty!!! Hey,I'm only 12 and I know every line to NOES 4.I was digging thru my video collection and found it. Popped it in and instantly fell in nutsy luv!Since I have added all the flix 2 my collection. Heather Lankencamp and Robert Englund are very good, but LISA ROX!!!!!

Ansley From GA, USA


Hadyn Kirkwood 20:09:14 5/10/2001


I've grew up watching Elm street movies since the first was released. When Nightmare 4 came out, I was only 9 years old. The Alice character remains my favourite to this day. I hope Alice has some involvement in the next movie.
It would be great to see Lisa and Robert Englund working together again after 10 long years. Hope it works out for you Lisa, You were amazing as Alice!

Hadyn Kirkwood From Liverpool, England


Lammert 14:11:02 5/10/2001


You're one hell of an actress, I liked your stuff in Nightmare 4 & 5 amazing how you turned from shygirl to a strong woman, I liked that very much. You are also very pretty and sexy ;) I hope we will see you in allot of more movies. Greetz from holland :D

Lammert From behind the kitchen door ;-), The Netherlands(Holland)


Linda Adkins Hoy 07:31:24 5/10/2001


Hi Lisa,
Belated Birthday Greetings!
Lindsay just told me about your website,and the new company you've started!(When I was in Denver I was given a pretty little butterfly for my toes.Who knows......I may start the rage in Lincoln!?)
How do you like my darling Grandbaby Tatum?(She reminds me alot of you when you were a toddler!)(Maybe the movies await her in 20 years?)
Anyway,just wanted to say hi,and good luck on your new business.It's a darling product and a great website!
Aunt Linda

Linda Adkins Hoy From Lincoln Ne., USA


Viewing Guests 241-260


Linda Adkins Hoy 07:31:15 5/10/2001


Hi Lisa,
Belated Birthday Greetings!
Lindsay just told me about your website,and the new company you've started!(When I was in Denver I was given a pretty little butterfly for my toes.Who knows......I may start the rage in Lincoln!?)
How do you like my darling Grandbaby Tatum?(She reminds me alot of you when you were a toddler!)(Maybe the movies await her in 20 years?)
Anyway,just wanted to say hi,and good luck on your new business.It's a darling product and a great website!
Aunt Linda

Linda Adkins Hoy From Lincoln Ne., USA


Christopher Sorick 02:47:45 5/10/2001


I just wanted to write you and let you know what a charismatic actress you are. I really loved you in MASH, A Nightmare On Elm Street 4 & 5, and Watchers!! Thank you for your time.
Christoper Sorick
PS- You very pretty too. : )

Christopher Sorick From 3105 Avenue G Council Bluffs, IA. 51501, USA


A FAN 18:40:02 5/09/2001


Some pictures of Ms. Wilcox s
appearence in Muenster are shown:

If this was already mentioned-sorry.
Best Regards.



A FAN 17:33:49 5/09/2001


Some pictures of Ms. Wilcox s
appearence in Muenster are shown:

If this was already mentioned-sorry.
Best Regards.



Electric 13:30:56 5/09/2001


Good job in the Elm Street movies. Who taught you the martial arts and gymnastics?

Electric From Nanaimo, BC, Canada


chri brewer 14:05:57 5/08/2001



chri brewer From kansas city,missouri, united states


Sheray Wallace 14:47:56 5/04/2001


Lisa you are my favorite nightmare star. It's awesome that you are the only one to not get killed!! i love to watch the movies over and over so... thanx for taking the job! you are great!!

Sheray Wallace From Vineland, USA


Andre' Lloyd 22:18:29 5/02/2001


Hi Lisa!
First off, I'd like to say that I love you and that I wish you the very best success. I want to be an actor just like you someday. Your character Alice from Nightmare on Elm Street 4 was similiar to me because I was a shy kid in school (I was 11 or 12 when I saw the movie). Now that I'm 18, I've learned a lot. Your character taught me to have more confidence in myself. In Nightmare on Elm Street 5, it shows how your character changed. Thank you so much Lisa, I'll NEVER forget you for that. Please e-mail me at I'd love to get a response from you. Thank you :-)

Andre' Lloyd From Long Island, NY, USA
http://None at the moment


jimmy foster 21:02:59 4/27/2001



jimmy foster From denton tx, us


Sean Keohane 12:20:22 4/27/2001


I think that you're a great actor and that you played the parts of Alice perfectly. Also, I saw you on a Star Trek episode, good acting. Keep up the good work. Also, I hear that you won't be playing in the upcoming Freddy vs. Jason. You'd be perfect for the part. Why did you turn it down? Also, happy birthday.

Sean Keohane From Ottawa, Canada


Abigail W. 03:57:32 4/27/2001


Dear Lisa Wilcox,

Happy birthday! I know you get alot
of nice bithday presents from your fans
so i decided to write a poem instead,
so hope you like it!

´ Lisa Wilcox,you are my star
shining brightly near,yet so afar.
Even thou we will never meet,
with all my heart i wish you greet.
Today on April twentyseventh,is
your birthday,a great event.
So happy birthday,lots of luck
,best wishes and lots of love! ´

Abigail W. , Finland


Esten 22:19:50 4/26/2001


Happy Birthday Lisa!

Esten , USA


tom- the dream master 12:17:33 4/25/2001


hi! yep like u im the dream master.

u know i really love your stuff. specially in nightmare 4. u really should play alice in the upcoming freddy vs jason movie. well bye dream master

tom- the dream master From savannah ga, united states


Michael Malone 09:47:01 11/30/1999


I really enjoyed you in A Nightmare on Elm Street 4 and 5. By far, Heather Langingkamp and yourself were the best actresses in the Nightmare series. Please send me a recent picture of you. Keep up the good work.

Michael Malone From Albany, GA., United States of America


jimmy foster 09:08:11 4/18/2001


lisa you are the greatest actress in all of showbiz i have seen all your work and it is just facinating i hope to see you in some other great horror flicks keep up the great acting love ya

jimmy foster From denton tx, america


Nicola Bello 02:39:50 4/18/2001


Codename:Far Fan,is back.Uh,2 mins in your wsite and my mind already gone blank.Congratulations,and take care.We love you!

Nicola Bello From Naples, Italy


Polo 16:31:39 4/17/2001


Lisa wilcox is a great actress!

Polo From Atlanta,Ga, USA


Barry J. Dominey 20:26:31 4/16/2001


Hi Lisa,
I first saw you in the fourth installment of the Nightmare on Elm Street series, and I must say how legendary your character Alice was. The girl kicked arse! Without disrespect, I think you look years younger than you really are. Must've taken care of yourself. Can't wait to see you in something else soon. You're gorgeous!!!
I'm currently in pre-production on a film of my own titled - "Pub Crawl". I even did a film with Nicole Kidman once called Flirting. It was boring! Enough about me, I just hope to see you return soon! I even once contacted your co-star Andras Jones. Talk about a jack of all trades! Talented bloke. My fav actress is Michelle Pfeiffer and fav actor is Lee Montgomery. Remember him? Anyway, hope to hear from you. Until then, take good care. Kind regards, Barry.

Barry J. Dominey From Manly, Australia
http://currently under construction


Abigail 10:42:06 4/15/2001


Hi Lisa,

Its me again! I just wanted to say
i hope you could come to visit
Finland sometimes!!! It would be sooo
With regards

Abigail , Finland


Angie & Klaus 09:02:19 4/15/2001


Hi Lisa,
by the way... do you know how sauerkraut is made? It is not handmade but "footmade" - so to say. We will show you next time when you come over. But before that we will mail you the recipies.

Best wishes,
Angie, Klaus & Marcel

Angie & Klaus From Dortmund, Germany


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The headless Easter Bunny 08:56:59 4/15/2001


Dearest Highlanderess!
Finally I get to write into your guest book! It already seems to be an entire eternity since you were over here in Germany and we hope that you will come back as soon as possible! There are lots of sauerkraut and sausages waiting for you!!!!

The headless Easter Bunny From Sindelfingen, Germany


anthony 01:04:07 4/15/2001


hey if this is really u could youy please tell me why u declined the role of playing alice again.i think your great

anthony From new york , usa


Mickey Montgomery 07:13:53 4/14/2001


You did a fantastic job playing alice on nightmare 4 & 5. looking through your scrapbook, I recognized a few pictures I'd forgotten about.So, how did it feel playing Carol Brady? The outfit looked great! Gotta go. keep up the good work. Hope to see you again on the BIG SCREEN!

Mickey Montgomery From old hickory, tennessee, USA


Kendrick tyron lee 23:43:56 4/13/2001


I think you are a talented actress. I have just watched Nightmare On Elm Street 4: Dream Master. If you can I would appeciate it if you can send me some more info on you and the upcoming Freddy vs. Jason movie and if you have a role in it.

A huge fan,



Kendrick tyron lee From Lubbock, TX, USA


Brian Tyler 17:27:58 4/12/2001


Hey! You are my favorite actress, I own A Nightmare on Elm Street 1-7, to bad you were only in 4 and 5. During the first time I watched A Nightmare on elm street 5, I was praying your character Alice would not get killed off. I also saw you in that made for tv Brady Bunch movie, your a great actress! I hope you are in Freddy vs. Jason, and your character Alice and her son Jacob survive and beat Freddy and Jason. Please email me back it will mean alot to me, my email is, Im sorry its so long, I didnt choose it.

Brian Tyler From Canastota, N.Y, U.S.A


Abigail W. 01:15:42 12/06/1999


Greetings from beautiful Finland!
I wish you and your family all the best
there is,and i hope i will see you soon
on the big screen!
With regards:

Abigail W. , Finland


Jim 14:26:02 12/05/1999


Lisa, I was so thrilled to talk to you at the Star Trek convention last weekend! It was a true pleasure! I was the guy with long blond hair that bought two pics, one signed, and one unsigned, and I was so shy about talking to you, I did not ask to get a pic taken with you. Hopefully I will get another chance at the next convention! Thanks for being so kind, warm, and wonderful! You are beautiful, both inside and out! :)

Take care, and hope to see you again, soon!


Jim From Calif., US


Victor 15:34:04 12/04/1999


Hello Lisa. I saw you at the Star Trek convention, and you look so young. I thought you were maybe 24, 25, 26 but not more than 27. You do a great job of keeping yourself young. Lethal too according to some of the work you have done -- you have a dark side too, huh? :) Hope to see you on TV or the movies or maybe even the theater. Good luck.

Victor From Long Beach, CA, USA


ADAM 08:18:51 12/04/1999





Mark Medley 00:00:17 12/03/1999


We are interested in booking you Lisa for an autograph signing convention in Springfield, Illinois. Please email me with your fees and expense rider and any other deals that we will need in consideration.
Also, we'll need to see what your availability is.
Thansk for the time!

c/o Mark

(217) 726-5810
Illinois Office

Mark Medley From Illinois / Hawaii, USA


David L Ross's sidekick 18:05:04 12/01/1999


you'r greaaaaaaaaaaat!

David L Ross's sidekick From across frrom you at the convention , Pasadena USA


Reinaldo Ferraz 12:08:56 3/30/2001


Alice, you are one of the greatest actress in my opinion. I liked so much your work in Nightmare on Elm Street, but you neet a better web site. Look my site and contact-me to see how i can help you... Because a star like you can have a site very good. Congatulations for your work... you are the best... Kisses from Brazil

Reinaldo Ferraz , Brazil


Kamy 10:37:09 3/30/2001


You are the best actress i have ever seen.And you still look so young like Alice from Nightmare on Elmstreet 4 and 5.How do you do that.Anyway you see you have many German fans.My English is not so good but I hope you understand this letter.

CU in another Movie

Kamy From Diepholz, Germany


Richard 09:55:10 3/26/2001


Wow! I'm so overjoyed to find this tribute to Lisa!

I put together a humble little page (Lisa Wilcox: Dream Mistress) - wow, must be four years ago now - but it was during that hiatus in her acting career, back when she was a big unknown.. and so with scarce need for updates, I just left it there - and kind of forgot about it! But imagine my surprise when I find this!

It's simply fantastic to know that Lisa is finally back producing movies again, and is gaining the recognition and appreciation she deserves!

I'd just like to wish Lisa well, aswell as a long and prosperous acting career! ..and one or two Oscars thrown in for good measure...

Anyway, I don't plan on updating my website.. not with the emergence of such a dedicated site as this... but I do wish the webmaster well with this site! This is definitely one to be bookmarked...

Richard , England


MERI AND JYOTI 20:27:49 3/24/2001





Lisa Burrow 23:16:41 3/20/2001


Alice is such an inspiration. She got tough when it was time and kicked Freddy's butt. She reminds me of the character "Carrie" which is another of my favorite characters. Looking forward to what you do next!

Lisa Burrow From MI


amanda 17:12:12 3/15/2001


i think lisa is a great actress



Steven Sykes 15:48:42 3/13/2001


Of all the nightmare films, the 4th one had the best ending. I hoped that the end of the fifth one would have had Freddy and Alice in a dual match. But the fifth one was great. Alice, in my opinion, was the only heroine in the series who did not put up with any crap. Lisa is a very talented actress and cannot wait to see her in new upcoming projects.

Steven Sykes From Tuscaloosa, Al, United States


Laura 07:09:40 3/06/2001


My favorite Nightmare on Elm Street Movie is the 4th one. I am glad that you and Dan ended up together. I only wish that you two could've ended up together in the 5th one. I was so upset when he got killed in the movie. Anyways, I just wanted to let you know that I loved both movies and hope that you'll be in a future one!

Laura From Vilonia, AR, USA


Ed Stewart 00:45:29 3/05/2001


Dropped you an email. Hope you have a chance to read it. Congrats on your many successes. Many more are due you I am sure. You were a wonderful friend in HS. Good Luck. Best wishes to you and your family.

Ed Stewart From Costa Mesa, Ca, USA


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Rafael 20:19:30 3/01/2001


Ms. Wilcox,you've probably heard this a million times,but you'll hear it a million more:congratulations!Like alot of people,I first saw you in Nightmare4.
I gotta say that for an actress as talented and beautiful as you,I'd wish to see that you get bigger projects. You deserve to have your name up with the Hollywood heavyweights. I've been an amatuer theatre actor for several years and aspire to go pro someday. What advice can you give me? Glad to see that life is going good for you and I wish you the best. Take care.

Rafael From Texas A&M University, USA


Alan Adelstein 19:32:39 3/01/2001


I enjoyed your bio. I will try to catch that Brady movie if it is ever on TV or can I rent a tape? By the way, very cool, you and Luke. Did he let you touch his light saber?

Alan Adelstein From Simi Valley, CA, USA


John S. 14:16:05 2/27/2001


Hey Lisa, this is my 2nd time leaving
an entry. The reason I'm writing
another one is because I got a link to
the internet movie database
( and on the Freddy vs.
Jason page they list the cast as you,
Kelly Jo Minter, and the kid that
played Jacob. I freaked out and
couldn't believe it--that would be the
perfect casting if you ask me. Is the
website correct, and is it official?

John S. From WA


Zach Nelson 13:47:54 2/26/2001



Just like everyone else I saw you in Nightmare 4 and thought it was the best one i ever saw. I was only like 8 when i saw it in the theater, but Alice definetly was a character i can relate to like you said. A soft spoken person, who realizes their strength and finds out ways of handling things that are thrown at them. Definetly overcoming obsticles. Alice is kind of a hero for me. Definetly! And no one could play her better than you. I really want to see the Mark Hamill movie that you were in... is it available in video stores or does it have to be ordered?

Zach Nelson From El Cajon, California, USA
http://no homepage :-(


Samuel Hoyle 00:07:33 2/26/2001


First of all, I love the site. I am a huge Elm St. fan, as I grew up with those films (and I even liked part 5...there are a few of us out there!). I do realize that you have done more in your career than those two films, but for some reason, you will always be my Alice (HAHA). Good luck with future projects, and I hope to hear more from you!!! is posting that you have been "casted" in the freddy/jason movie? Any truth to this? Thanks for the years of fun...

Samuel Hoyle From Pennsylvania, U.S.A.


DarkB#### 10:13:58 2/25/2001


Wow,nice site.ANOES 4 is one of my
favorite movies ever...

DarkB#### , Canada


Jordan Forman 15:17:49 2/23/2001



You e-mailed me a while back asking to sign the guestbook. I actually remembered now so I decided to. everyone who reads this and loves the Nightmare series visit my site, which will be done maybe in the begining of April. The site is very basic but it will get better. I actually got an interview with Lisa's Toebrites and Nightmare co-worker Tuesday Knight.

I loved you in the Nightmare series, especially in 4. Keep up the good work, maybe I'll see you in Freddy Vs. Jason

Jordan Forman From Huntington, New York, USA


Mike Errico 21:45:45 2/22/2001


I thought nightmare 4 was definately the BEST nightmare movie!!!!!!!!! I've had a crush on you for years!!!!!! I'm 23 and think you look better as you age!!!!!!! Why weren't you in Freddy's Dead?

Mike Errico From NEW YORK, U.S.A.


Luc Bernier 06:11:30 2/21/2001


Continue to do your great work. I hope to see you in many other movie. Believe in your talent!! A fan Luc

Luc Bernier From -, Canada


jose gonzales 12:02:36 2/16/2001


hi,lisa u may not remember me from the chiller theatre convention a couple of months back,u autographed a picture for me saying thatI KICK ####!cuz i had sed you kik ####!anywayz i just got the nigtmare dvd set! it just reminded me of the time i met u wich wuz definitly one the coolest things ever to happen in my life!!! theres no doubt that you have mega talent on ur hands,
your biggest fan,
jose aka ALICE 2

jose gonzales From linden,nj, usa


Jessica 02:09:05 2/10/2001


Hey Lisa! Well i just droped by ur site 2 tell u u rock! LOL Nightmare 4 is by far the best in the series & u did a great job. Can't wait 2 c ya in upcoming projects :)
Love, Jessie

Jessica From Toronto, Canada


Nicola Bello 14:53:42 2/09/2001


It's me again.Ring any bell?Am I bothering u?Hope not.
Congratulations,congratulations and...keep the good work.We love u.
Far Fan brings his regards...

Nicola Bello From Naples, Italy


Cesy 20:41:35 11/30/1999


I love your website. You are an awesome actress and you deserve the best! Good luck in your upcoming projects .........Cesy

Cesy From Miami, Fl


Timothy Rogers 23:37:50 1/29/2001


Lisa you're the best, ever since I saw you on Elm-street 4, I've made sure to see you in every movie your in, you are a fabulous actress who deserves more starring roles. All the best for the future...

Timothy Rogers From Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


Robert Govier 21:45:21 1/21/2001


Dear Lisa, what a great website. I am a huge fan of yours and absolutely love the Nightmare on Elm Street movies. I wish you the very best in 2001 with your carrer and life. I too used to live in Irvine, CA. It is a great place to live. Take care and waiting for your next pic.

Robert Govier From Mission Viejo, CA, USA


Dennis Ng 14:57:12 1/20/2001



As promised, I am signing your guestbook. You've been one of my actresses since day one. May God bless you in everything that you do..


Dennis Ng From Toronto, Canada


Julien MAGNAT 12:19:43 1/17/2001


HI Lisa... I promised to sign your guest book so here I am!!! It's great to read emails from all your fans... Chastity Blade will be shown at Fantastic'Arts Film Fest in France on the 27th of January for those of you around! It was great to work with my favourite actress ever and I hope there will be another Chastity Blade soon!
Faithfully yours,
director of 'Chastity Blade'



Nicola Bello 04:54:33 1/17/2001


Stand tall and shake the heavens!

Nicola Bello From Naples, Italy


Al Monte 04:42:28 1/17/2001



Al Monte From Heaven, THE ONLY ONE


Marian 21:33:04 1/13/2001


LISA! You are the best! My childhood wouldn't have been complete without the MAAAAJOR crush I had on YOU!

Marian From Athens, Greece


Viewing Guests 301-320


Christine 18:13:30 1/13/2001


I'm one of your biggest fans, Lisa! I first saw you in A Nightmare on Elm Steet 4. You are such a great actress. I hope to see you in another project soon :)

Christine From Las Vegas, NV, USA


Nicola Bello 03:40:01 1/13/2001


One of your greatest fan comes from Italy...did you expect this?Believe me,here in the Old Continent we love you!And we'll keep waiting for your performances on the screens of our cinemas!Only one request,email me something,whatever u want,so I can show to my friends your answer,proud...
I'm sorry for my shaky english,however the site is pretty cool!
Greetings(not from hell,of course)and congratulations from Europe!
Now I'm waiting...and suffering...

Nicola Bello From Naples, Italy


Philip Rogich 12:02:48 1/08/2001


Dear Lisa,
Thank you for the wonderfull E-mail. You really are a great person. Thank you for your suport of DARE. I love teaching the children and tring to help them. It's important for them to have great role models like you. I my take you up on your offer some day. I bee looking for you on the silver screen. Tahnk You: Philip

Philip Rogich From Syracuse, Utah, USA


Jimmy 16:18:33 1/06/2001


Hello Lisa, and everyone else.

I just wanted to say thank you for your e-mail reply to me a few days ago. I honestly didn't think you were going to. I also promised to sign the guest book, so, here I am. = )

Well, I don't want to make this long, but I hope you get some more movie roles, also. It would be really cool to see you in some newer films.

Anyway, take care. Have a great new year.

Jimmy --

Jimmy From Rhode Island, USA


Cousin Bob 17:54:15 1/04/2001


Howdy, and have a great new year. Great picture of mom!!!


Cousin Bob From Texas


Matt Thompson 21:49:07 1/01/2001


Wow. Nice website. Very informative. I enjoyed your works in the made-for-TV "Behind the Brady Bunch" film (sorry, the title escapes my mind), and the two "A Nightmare On Elm Street" films you appeared in. I hope to see you in a new theatrical film. Cinema sucks lately, we need SOMEONE good to pull it out of the gutter, right?

Hope you're enjoying life.

Happy Holidays,

Matt Thompson From LaVista, Nebraska, United States


Skippy 20:56:09 12/30/2000


Hey Lisa!!
Just wanted to let you know how great it is that you finally have a website!! I've been waiting over ten years for one!! You're the best "Nightmare" actress ever, and keep up the great work!! Hope you have a great holiday! See you one the celluloid!


Skippy From Mississauga, Ontario, CANADA


John 00:04:30 12/28/2000


Lisa I have sent you and email, but now looking into your Guest Book it looks to me that you may have a part in the Freddy Vs Jason Film, what an excellent opportuntity for all Lisa Wilcox starved fans in Australia to see you again!!

Anyway have a safe and successful New Year!!

John From Toowoomba, Australia


Rob,Pat,Mercedes and Woody 17:05:44 12/27/2000


Hi Lisa, we just wanted to say, we hope you have a blessed new year! Take care!

Rob,Pat,Mercedes and Woody From Kirkwood, Mo., USA


John 16:01:26 12/26/2000


Thanks so much for the e-mail Lisa! It would be great to see you in a Freddy vs. Jason movie. My friend and I were so excited to read your e-mail. We have wanted to contact you for a long time! Take Care, hope you had a nice holiday.


John From WA State


Gary 21:16:09 12/23/2000


Hi Lisa,
i sent you two e-mails
tonight but one of them was different
from the other but i still hope you got
them, also in some e-mails i have sent
you ive spelt my name two different ways
Gary & Garry. Any of them are fine.
Have a great christmas with your family
all the best,

Gary From Erskine, Scotland
http://ntl world


Gary 12:53:47 12/22/2000


Hi Lisa,

i sent you an email before telling you
i liked your Freddy movies. When i first
saw you in the dream master i thought you were a little girl, how old were you when you made it and where do you get your cool ways? try and send me e-mails
to keep in touch.

Gary From Erskine, Scotland
http://ntl world


James Lazarus 07:59:12 12/19/2000


Seasons greetings to all who may travel here from the king of reduncy

James Lazarus From Clinton, KY, USA


Teri 03:47:30 12/17/2000


I forgot to ask you last time if i can get a autographed picture.If it is no trouble.Thanks and have a great holiday.

Teri From Westlake Village,CA., USA


Liz (Elizabeth) 23:26:57 12/14/2000


It's me again! I just wanted to say thank you so much for the autographed picture, it's great!! Take care, and have a wonderful holiday season!

Liz (Elizabeth) From Chicago, USA


Daniel Montero 10:55:27 12/14/2000


Greetings from Spain, Lisa !!! You are, with no doubt, the best actress of the Elm Street saga... and the most wonderful too. I hope to see you soon in next movies.

Daniel Montero From Barcelona, Spain


Sonya 23:27:41 12/10/2000


Lisa i am a huge fan! I love both Nightmares that u stared in and i was wondering if i could please have ur autograph!!! please write to me soon! thanx!

Sonya From West Warwick, USA


Scott s. 03:44:59 12/08/2000


Hi Lisa,,i forgot to leave my email on earlier message, so here it is. also whats mark hamill like? aka luke skywalker?

Scott s. From tennessee, usa


Scott s. 00:59:37 12/08/2000


Hi Lisa,
What's up, I've been a big fan of yours for a long time. I think you have a really cool web page, There used to be fan based web page about you, but i'm not sure if its up anymore, So keep up the good work and hope to see you in future movie projects.....

<freddyvs.jason> hint hint hint hint
I do have a question, about nightmare on elm street 6 why did they leave you out of it. did you not get the option to be in it, or did you turn it down and they wrote another kind of story. because noes 1,3,4,5, go together and with 6 your left wondering what happened????
a answer would be appreciated...

Scott s. From tennessee, USA


James Lazarus 16:31:06 12/05/2000


writing again to say that i really like your site and to ask if you might be appearing in freddy vs jason also asking about your latest project and when and where it might be available

James Lazarus From Ky, USA


Viewing Guests 321-340


Natalie 13:22:01 12/05/2000


Hi lisa its me again i just want to say thanks for the e-mail message you sent me! Can you tell me when the new freddy v Jason film is coming out!

Natalie From Birmingham, England


Teri Braddy 01:10:42 12/03/2000


Hey Lisa,
You got a real cool website.I was wondering i heard that they might make a Nightmare 8 "Freddy Vs. Jason" I heard you might be in it? Is that true?

Teri Braddy From WLV, USA


Lisa Wilcox 02:43:39 12/01/2000


Dear Scott Burnia,
Thank you for your entries! Your email address is not reading so please spell it out exactly in a guest book note so that I can email you back!Hang in there and promise me that you will finish high school!!

All the Best,
Lisa Wilcox

Lisa Wilcox


scott burnia 19:43:17 11/30/2000


Dear lisa my name is scott burnia
i shouldent be asking this but how did
you get discovered ?. i would like to be an actor and a singer i am 15 years old
my mom whants me to finish high school
but i really whunt to act and sing for a living like you do.My mom is tammy townsend and she was born just a
year after you where and we have some troble makeing ends meet and i just whunt some advise and that is "all" i
wish you would e-mail me and tell me whatto do . my e-mail address is above
you and it is at yahoo .
do more good movies. your biggest fan
scott burnia.

scott burnia From Van Buren Missouri , united states
http://dont have a home page


Daymares 00:28:44 11/30/2000


This is an excellent website Lisa! You really have made fans happy. I especially liked the presentation of the photos and... well... all of it really! You are a very talented actress and also thought you were great in 'Nightmare on Elm St 4'. Hope to see you in more films.

p.s. Please make more pages like the ones in photos section.:-)

Daymares From Sydney, Australia


scott burnia 19:56:50 11/28/2000


Dear lisa i am your bigest fan and i
have seen nightmare on elmstreet 4 and 5
over a millon time and that is the best
movies i have ever seen in my hole life and i have seen bill and teds exallent
advinchers.i loved you in that movie you
are the best i love all your movies i whant to see them all
your bigst fan scott burnia
p.s do you have any kids?
how old are you

scott burnia , united states
my_ scotty_00


John 03:42:57 11/28/2000


Lisa, I read a Freddy vs Jason script with your character in it. I hope they grab you for that. You are better than ever.

John From Sydney, Australia


Carrie 03:36:50 11/28/2000




Carrie From Schenectady Ny, USA


David E. Brody 22:57:35 11/26/2000


I am a huge fan ever since I saw nightmare Four. I enjoyed Lisa's performance throughout her career ranging from the Brady Bunch unauthorized to Gimmie an F. I happen to also know there is a screenplay someone took the time to write teaming her up with Heather Langenkamp in the sequal to New Nightmare.
LISA, YOU'RE AN ACE!!!!!!! This webpage is long overdue! Keep up the great work.

David E. Brody From Kent, Ohio, USA


Brandon Faria 00:20:32 11/26/2000


Hey Lisa,

Even though I have seen the Nightmare movies that you were in, I still know that you are a really talented and deserving actress! Keep up the great work and good luck in the future!

Brandon Faria From Vancouver, BC, Canada
http://Coming Soon....


James Lazarus 03:35:19 11/24/2000


I am simmply writing to say that i think you are a terrific actress and i hope to see more of you in the future

James Lazarus From KY, USA
http://none official


Natalie 14:40:21 11/22/2000


I just want to say i think your a great actress i loved your charactor alice in a nightmare on elm st 4 and 5 those films were the best! keep on making more great films bye!!!

Natalie From Birmingham, England
http://lisa wilcox


Liz 17:43:46 11/15/2000


Well I see a lot of guys have signed the guestbook! I know I'm not the first to mention the Elm street movies obviously, but I do think Alice was the best lead female of all!! But I was mad when Dan got killed! A friend and I were wondering what ever happened to Dan H####el anyway?! Well take care Ms. Wilcox, you may not know it but you are a great female role model! Love, Liz

Liz From Chicago, USA


Cary Phillips 16:29:11 11/10/2000


Hey Lisa it xxplayerguyxx saying hi!

Cary Phillips From CA, USA


Richard Vernieri 16:59:48 11/06/2000


i hvae been a fan since i've seen you in Nightmare on Elm Street 4 (my favorite of the series)

Richard Vernieri From Los Angeles, U.S.A.


Stewart 02:59:38 11/04/2000


I saw you at the Chiller Theater convention on October 28th (I was the guy in the yellow jacket who was impressed that you set up your own webpage). Even though I never saw an "Elm Street" movie, I thought you were impressive and also extremely beautiful. You were also very charming and polite.

This website looks like it has great potential. But I was a bit surprised reading your bio. When I saw you at the con, I guessed you were in your mid-20's. Whatever you are doing to keep yourself in shape and looking great really works! Keep it up!

As for the webpage's future, consider what I told you at the con. Since this is your webpage, it should reflect you. That is, in addition to the standard links a celebrity page has, you should also have links to sites relating to your interests, hobbies, charitable causes that you support, groups that you are a member of, etc. That way, people can get a better idea of things you like and such.

One thing that should be changed on the page is the choice of text and background color on the filmography section. The text doesn't stand out well at all. Other than that, everything else looks good.

Good luck with the website and your career. I'd like to see you get some roles that would allow you to showcase the warm and beautiful woman you are, perhaps something of a light, romantic comedy type of part.

Stay sweet!

Stewart From New Jersey, USA


Bruce Adams 02:33:30 11/04/2000


Dear Lisa; It was great to meet you at Chiller Theatre; thanks so much for the autographs and for posing with me for photos, (which turned out very well). I am going to look for tapes of all of your films, (I already have all the Elm Street Movies), and also get a tape of the Next Generation Episode when it's on TV here. I really like your website too; I've added it to my 'favorites'. I hope you enjoyed Chiller Theatre as much as I and that you'll return in the future. Best Wishes, Bruce Adams
P>S> My unusual EMail word, 'Gaelgeoir', means Irish Gaelic speaker....I'm studying the Irish language.

Bruce Adams From Princeton, New Jersey, USA
http://(None at present)


The Arrow 15:25:42 10/30/2000


Happy to finally see you on the web. This site will make lots of fans happy...already has. Keep up the great work and know that you always have a friend at Later gater!

The Arrow From planet earth, none


Nick Knight 22:12:14 10/29/2000


Dear Ms. Wilcox,

I just wanted to say 'thank you' for attending Chiller Theatre this weekend. It was both a pleasure and an honor to meet you in person. I've been a loyal fan of yours' since I saw you in Elm Street 4 & 5. You are a very talented actress, and if I may say so, even prettier in person. Thank you for coming around the table to take a picture with my friend and I. That meant a lot to me (I'm the one who you originally spelled as "Nike" on the first autograph). :-) Thank you for being so friendly, and for tolerating a starstruck fan like myself. Now that I've seen your website (which is cool, by the way), I will look for your other films at the video store. And, I will also look for Chastity Blade... is Chastity Blade coming out in the theaters, here in America, too? If so, when can we expect to see it? By the way, if you have a free moment, next time you're online, feel free to visit my website. I have some original artwork on their, as well as song lyrics I've written. It would be cool to have you critique my work, as I respect you as an artist. I've been trying to get established as a songwrite and/or an artist for years, but don't know how to get the exposure I need? If you have any advice for me, I'd be honored to receive it. Anyway, I've made this long enough. :) Take care, Ms. Wilcox. Thank you again, for taking the time out of your busy schedule to come and meet us fans at Chiller Theatre. I'll never forget yesterday. Thank you for the memory.
God bless and keep you and yours.

Your biggest fan,
Nick Knight

Nick Knight From Northern VA, USA


Edward Kleiner-Jughead 11:13:10 10/29/2000


Hi Lisa it was great meeting you at Chiller Theater yesterday and thank you for having your photo taken with me and for the autograph. As I was telling you at Chiller you were great as Missy on the Bill and Ted TV series. Plus I do like the way you did your website a lot. I will look around it as you are constructing it more. Let me know via Email if I can be of help to you on it. Please also come on down to my website and tell me what you like on it and sign my guestbook too. I will be putting up and adding my second Chiller Page very shortly. I already did the one of April 2000 and again great meeting you at Chiller Expo.

Edward Kleiner
Jughead(Computer Handle)

Edward Kleiner-Jughead From New Haven CT, USA


Viewing Guests 341-349


Brook Meyers 03:26:23 10/29/2000


I look forward to Chastity Blade

Brook Meyers From Florida, USA


Tony C####ada 03:24:02 10/29/2000


Lisa- Thank you for making your presence on the web. I love being able to keep up-to-date with your career. I've been a fan of your since the Nightmare 4.
Keep the news and photos coming
Love you

Tony C####ada From Chicago, IL, USA


Jerry Saravia 01:44:54 10/29/2000


Hello Lisa, it has been an undeniable pleasure to have met you finally at Chiller Theatre - the Dream Master herself, and in my estimation, the best actress of the Nightmare movies. Beautiful, sincere, forthright, everything Alice should and could be, and the surprise was, you are the same way! I was so glad I got a picture with you and will make special mention of it on my Chiller Theatre page! Thanks again, and keep up the good work. Nice site too, by the way.

Jerry Saravia From Hightstown, NJ, United States


Ed 23:20:34 10/28/2000


Lisa, it was to my delight that I had the chance to meet you and get a picture taken with you today at Chiller. The Con itself was way too crowded inside, but outside I had a great time and met some great people, yourself included. A huge fan of Nightmare 4 & 5, and hopefully Freddy Vs. Jason w/ you kicking more demonic ####. You were as beautiful as ever, drop me a line if possible. Thanks.

Ed From New Jersey


Justin 07:09:39 10/28/2000


Hi Lisa. Just dropping by to sign your guestbook after I just met you at Chiller Theatre in NJ. You were really nice and it was a pleasure to finally meet you. I truly hope that when and if FREDDY VS. JASON is made they include the return of Alice! It time for some more Freddy ####-kicking! Anyways, thanks for the autographs and good luck in the future!

Justin From NY, USA


Greg 06:31:39 10/25/2000


It is so cool that you are signing autographs. you were great as Alice and I saw you in the Brady Bunch, Behind the Scenes Your fans wondered what happened to you. I can't wait to get your autographed pictures.

Greg From Los Angeles, usa


Todd 03:55:21 10/25/2000


It has been ages- and you look just as amazing as always :).

Todd From New York, NY


me 03:51:02 10/25/2000


I am one of your biggest fans! It is great to see you on the web.

me From Los Angeles, CA


Collin Bear 20:33:13 10/24/2000


ha just kiddin hi lisa wilcox i am a big fan of your roles in the nightmare movies
just want to say hi
well cya please email me if you can

Collin Bear From new brunswick, canada
http://well i will put it next time sorry

Lisa Wilcox Guest Book - Page 1 / Page 2     Home

0" cellPadding="5" width="100%" border="0"> Greg 06:31:39 10/25/2000

It is so cool that you are signing autographs. you were great as Alice and I saw you in the Brady Bunch, Behind the Scenes Your fans wondered what happened to you. I can't wait to get your autographed pictures.

Greg From Los Angeles, usa


Todd 03:55:21 10/25/2000


It has been ages- and you look just as amazing as always :).

Todd From New York, NY


me 03:51:02 10/25/2000


I am one of your biggest fans! It is great to see you on the web.

me From Los Angeles, CA


Collin Bear 20:33:13 10/24/2000


ha just kiddin hi lisa wilcox i am a big fan of your roles in the nightmare movies
just want to say hi
well cya please email me if you can

Collin Bear From new brunswick, canada
http://well i will put it next time sorry

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