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JOEY GRECO 23:47:59 4/19/2003


Hi Lisa,I am so veary deeply in love with u, I want 2 meet u vary,veary much I can`t help myself,u r sooo beutaful and soo veary gorgous,u r always on my mind,really u r,I am veary sereis,I can`t stop thinking about u!!! I love u so veary much,it hurts me,cuz I wana b with u more then anyone else in the whole wide world,u could b my queen,u r a queen already,u r a goddess,my goddess I hope,I really do wana b with u!!! hugs & kisses I love u 4ener,ever
4ever yours Joey Greco
I hope u will 1day get this letter I wrought in your book,I mean every word I say!!!



JOEY GRECO 23:46:45 4/19/2003


Hi Lisa,I am so veary deeply in love with u, I want 2 meet u vary,veary much I can`t help myself,u r sooo beutaful and soo veary gorgous,u r always on my mind,really u r,I am veary sereis,I can`t stop thinking about u!!! I love u so veary much,it hurts me,cuz I wana b with u more then anyone else in the whole wide world,u could b my queen,u r a queen already,u r agoddess,my goddess I hope,I really do wana b with u!!! hugs & kisses I love u 4ener,ever
4ever yours Joey Greco
I hope u will 1day get this letter I wrought in your book,I mean every word I say!!!



JOEY GRECO 23:45:27 4/19/2003


Hi Lisa,I am so veary deeply in love with u, I want 2 meet u vary,veary much I can`t help myself,u r sooo beutaful and soo veary gorgous,u r always on my mind,really u r,I am veary sereis,I can`t stop thinking about u!!! I love u so veary much,it hurts me,cuz I wana b with u more then anyone else in the whoie wide world,u could b my queen,u r a queen already,u r agoddess,my goddess I hope,I really do wana b with u!!! hugs & kisses I love u 4ener,ever
4ever yours Joey Greco
I hope u will 1day get this letter I wrought in your book,I mean every word I say!!!



JOEY GRECO 23:43:28 4/19/2003


Hi Lisa,I am so veary deeply in love with u, I want 2 meet u vary,veary much I can`t help myself,u r sooo beutaful and soo veary gorgous,u r always on my mind,really u r,I am veary sereis,I can`t stop thinking about u!!! I love u so veary much,it hurs me,cuz I wana b with u more then anyone else in the whoie wide world,u could b my queen,u r a queen already,u r agoddess,my goddess I hope,I really do wana b with u!!! hugs & kisses I love u 4ener,ever
4ever yours Joey Greco
I hope u will 1day get this letter I wrought in your book,I mean every word I say!!!



Nathan A. Bechtold 07:29:08 4/17/2003


Lisa, Hey there! Just wanted to say just how great you are and that you should do more! I will be attending the Motorcity convention which you are scheduled attending as well. You see, I am making a NO-budget Indie-film entitled "Graphic Fantasy"; about three comicbook collecting friends who win there ways to the world's largest multi-genre convention ever. With guests like: Kevin(Mallrats)Smith, Bruce(EvilDead)Campbell, Lou(HULK)Ferrigno, and MANY others. I would LOVE if maybe you'd be interested in making a small cameo as well, if not that's fine too... but no matter I can't wait to meet you this May in Detroit. Thanks for your time Lisa! - Nathan Bechtold

Nathan A. Bechtold From Lafayette, Indiana, U.S.A.


JASON OWENS 13:09:11 4/16/2003





Dan Kopperud 20:52:30 4/15/2003


Ms. Wicox,
I've been a fan of yours now for about 5 years and really enjoy your work! My main reason for trying to contact you is that I am the webmaster of a rapidly growing horror film site and have been getting e-mails from fans wondering what you've been up to all these years...... if this finds you I would be flattered if you would take a look at my site and send a quote to me about what you think. Your quote would end up like this and I WOULD DIE if I got one from you. "Blushes* ;-) I'm also planning on adding a bio of you to the site... you can view Linnea Quigley's here so you can have an idea what it will look like. So.... I hope this e-mail finds you well and I look forward to hearing back from you.
Take care,
_-~DAN~-_ - The Macabre, Strange, and Bizarre of Horror!

Dan Kopperud From MN, USA


Roslan 10:27:06 4/15/2003


Here is my top ten Elm St heroes :-
1. Alice (ES 4 and 5)
2. Tuesday Knight (ES 4)
3. Kristen (ES 3)
4. Nancy (ES 1 and 3)
5. Taryn (ES 3)
6. Maggie (ES 6)
7. That Wizard Guy (ES 3)
8. Kincaid (ES 3 and 4)
9. Joey (ES 3 and 4)
10. Danny (ES 4 and 5)
U guys are the true DREAM WARRIORS! My only wish now is to see the reunion of these Warriors!

Roslan From Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Roslan 10:18:31 4/15/2003


My Top Ten Favourite Elm ST characters:-
1. Alice

Roslan From Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Roslan 10:12:23 4/15/2003


Dear Lisa,
This is the first time myself writing to you. I've always wanted to 'say' something to you and I am glad that I found this site. I've an Elm Street fan since 1988. That was when dad bought us our first VCR. I rushed to the video shop and my eyes were set on Elm Street 4. Yes.. it all started with Elm Street 4. You amazed me with your 'Kung Fu' fighting with Fred. It's the most amazing scene in all Elm St films. You were on my mind all the time throughout my teenage years. Your motto.."Mind Over Matter" (not yours actually) stayed with me all the time till now. You are truly an inspiration to me. I thought I was the only one who thinks like this about you...but I just realized that there are more people who loves Alice. I broke down when Danny died. You two deserve one another. I wonder what happened to your son, Jacob. Well, Elm St 6 eliminates everything u established earlier... I Never Liked ES 6. All in all, thanks to all of you for bringing in Alice.. Lisa .. Renny Harlin did the right thing. 13 years have p####ed. Alice will always be my number one Elm St gal!

Roslan From Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


cam 11:34:15 4/13/2003


I remember someone in saved bye the bell and other short parts in film, why haven't you done anymore

cam From britain, britain


PJ Alessi 11:06:17 4/10/2003



PJ Alessi From Chicago, usa


andreana robichaud 15:47:50 3/26/2003


I loved you in nightmare 4.You are my favorite actress in that part.I have been watching freddy for years and you are the only one who actually beat him down,You go girl!I hope that you read this and if you do I truly hope that this brings a smile across your face.I wish I knew a way to e-mail you but I dont.Well let me not keep you too long, just keep up the good work cause you are great

andreana robichaud From westchester, u.s.a.
100 college ave apt2m sleepyhollow ny 10591


Kimberly 11:44:28 3/26/2003


Awesome site. I'm a huge NOES fan. I hear your gonna be in "Freddy VS. Jason" that would be soooooo awesome!

Kimberly From ohio, USA


Ryan 11:39:38 3/24/2003


I just wanted to drop a note to say that I recently received the Nightmare Collection DVD set as a gift and I was reminded how much I've always enjoyed you in Nightmares 4 and 5. I thought that I saw your name attached to "Freddy vs.Jason" a while back, but it's no longer on I know that the plot has been hush-hush, so I'm hoping that maybe we'll get to see you as a suprise. Thank you and best of luck!

Ryan From New York City, USA


Mark 22:44:39 3/22/2003


You wouldn't believe the attention you are getting from the Martin Archery ads in the archery circles. You look great, especially with the recurve! That is you in those ads isn't it?

Mark From La Grande, Oregon, US


Bruno C. Martino 20:25:08 3/22/2003


Hi, Lisa! I loved you in Nightmare 4! You're a great actress! Congratulations!

Bruno C. Martino From Duque de Caxias, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Elizabeth Schmidt 15:00:37 3/20/2003


I signed this a while back but I just had to come back because I just received the choker I ordered from Toebrights today and I love it!! You guys have great stuff, I'll have to order some more in the future! Thanks again!!

Elizabeth Schmidt From Chicago, IL, USA


Boontaree (mint) 23:27:32 3/17/2003


Hello Lisa . I come from Thailand .I Have seen your movie .I really like you.I m 20 years old but I like your acting in Nightmare on Elm street4. I hope you can travel in Thailand. Iwaitting for you.

Boontaree (mint) From -----------, Thailnd


Randall Lilly 17:56:10 3/17/2003


Hey! I got a chance to speak with you a bit at Dragon*Con 2002, and you were very nice to both me and my daughter...taking pics with the both of us. I just wanted to thank you for being so nice. Meeting you was an experience, and I wish you well in all of your future endeavors. Take care! :)

Randall Lilly From Huntigton, WV, USA


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Brett 09:52:17 3/14/2003


I just came from reading your interview at Arrow In The Head, and decided to check out your site, which is really cool. :) Glad I stopped by, hope to see you in Freddy v.s Jason.

Brett From West Virginia, USA


Brett 09:52:04 3/14/2003


I just came from reading your interview at Arrow In The Head, and decided to check out your site, which is really cool. :) Glad I stopped by, hope to see you in Freddy v.s Jason.

Brett From West Virginia, USA


dave 07:54:50 3/12/2003


Lisa loved you as Alice."in the reflection of my minds eye
evil will see itself and it shall die!...(grrrshh squisssh)!Let them out!"

dave From l.a., us


Tramp Hater 23:55:42 3/10/2003


I hate Trampy Tamperson

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I will eat him on toast


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Tramp Hater From tramphateworld, Papau New Guinea


mark mcclean 14:54:27 3/09/2003


Hi. I just found this website and i'd like to say "THANK YOU. THERE IS A GOD!". Loved the NOES films. Part 4 was the first 1 I saw, and it got me hooked. I hope you are in FREDDY VS JASON. Can't wait to see you grace our screens again.

Thanks for being so "bloody" brilliant.

Good luck!


mark mcclean From belfast, northern ireland


Gustavo Mause 14:30:59 3/06/2003


Hi Lisa!!
I love you and your job as actress!
My favorite serie is A Nightmare on Elm Street and I like very much your caracther Alice Johnson... especially in part 4, The Dream Master.
I say the same that someone post here:

"I am so looking forward to Freddy Vs. Jason this August. Please don't break my heart and tell me you won't be in it. As much as I love the Nightmare on Elm Street movies, I couldn't possibly enjoy the movie nearly as much as I would if you were in it."

I'm trying to find your e-mail adress to ask if you're in Freddy Vs Jason... Please, don't tell me that you are not in this movie!

Congratulations and Good Luck!


Gustavo Mause From Brasil, São Paulo


Carl Mercer 06:44:59 3/04/2003


Hello,I have to say, I love the ANOES movies, and I love your role, especially when you got all tough and stuff. I also enjoyed you on Star trek, hope you appear in freddy v.s Jason, and also good luck with that toe brights company, looks cool. would love to hear from you. Carl.

Carl Mercer From Newfoundland, Canada


Cindy Morris 21:31:13 2/25/2003


OMG my favorite night mare on elm street is four and five u were awesome in those movies great joB!! but u looked so different in the brady bunch thing couldn't hardly reconize you

Cindy Morris From Acworth,georgia, usa


Ryan 16:51:56 2/25/2003


Hi Lisa
I just wanted to say that ive been a big fan of yours for years now, and I'm only 18! I was just a little boy when I first saw you in Nightmare 4! I've probably seen your two Nightmare movies so many times now, I cant even count! Well, best of luck to you in the future. Hope all goes well.

Ryan From Wisconsin, USA


Lori 18:44:26 2/22/2003


Hey Lisa,
I was re-watching ANOES series so I could review them for my website. Even though we all love Nancy, our hero from ANOES1, I have to admit you were the Uber-Nancy. You had more battletime with Krueger and I loved every minute of it. Your very convincing and believable and you helped revive the series with another female heroine. Thanks for giving all us horror fans another great character to love!

Lori , USA


arie 10:43:00 2/22/2003


Whatever happened to that HOT leading male of yours from the nightmare on elm street films. Danny H####ell was his name. He was soo Hot. Probably married now. does he still act? Don't know much about him. always thought he was gorgeous though.

arie From NYC, USA


Josh 23:02:17 2/20/2003


At the risk of sounding repetative, I adore your work - particularly Nightmares 4 and 5, and your role on Star Trek. I will never forget my relief that Alice survived two movies against Freddy; in fact, Nightmare 5 is probably my favorite of the series. With all the hype and confusion surrounding the Freddy vs. Jason movie, I certainly hope Alice does return. I read a very early draft of a script which had excellent parts for Alice and Jacob. It's a shame that draft isn't the one being used. (Though a few movie websites have Alice listed as being in the film...) Anyway, glad to see there is life after Elm Street, but I sincerely hope to see you and Robert Englund go at it one more time...a sentiment I think almost every 'Nightmare' fan would agree with.

Josh From PA, USA


Dave 16:16:48 2/20/2003


correction *My fav character*

Dave From Freddy's Boiler Room, USA


Dave 16:15:37 2/20/2003


Hey Lisa im a HUGE fan of all the Nightmare on Elm Street films and your role as Alice i didnt like till the end of 4 but when you toughened up i loved that role...Freddy though is my character but I was looking at pics at Robert in his Freddy make up and I just stumbled on your name and decided to check it out...hope you get the role in Freddy vs Jason (Freddy will kick his arse) but i hope you dont be come one of the side victims, stay alive, Dave

Dave From Freddy's Boiler Room, USA


Cody Arthur 23:44:54 2/14/2003


Dear Lisa.

you're character, Alice, is my personal favorite of the all the Nightmare On Elm Street Heros! You kicked Freddy's... Well, you put him in his place, twice!. That makes you super cool in my book! I was so pleased to see your name in the cast list for Jason Vs, Freddy. I Just hope those writers don't kill you off! I hope you give Freddy his!!!

Cody Arthur From Gosport, U.S.A.


Danny 14:09:39 2/13/2003


Now this is wierd. I was looking through IMDB for something and one thing I like to do is click on random actors and actresses I have never heard of and check their career. I clicked on Will Farrel, which led me to 'Men Seeking Women. Then I randomly clicked on Lisa Wilcox. Something made me do a Google search and see if she had a web page. She did, and her favorite book is 'Watchers' I'm reading now.

Danny From Houston


Jamie 12:53:50 2/11/2003


Nightmares 4&5 are my favorites and I watch them all the time. Today I decided to check and see whether or not you had a website, and I'm glad you did. I think you're great! Good luck with everything!

Jamie From MI


Natalie 17:51:26 2/10/2003


I think this website is cool. N o Elm st 4 is definately my favourite in the series.



Chappy Taylor 00:51:12 2/10/2003



Very cute website!!!
Love the childhood photos!
You don't see that too much on a website. Refreshing change of pace.
Came across this site accidentally,
but it was well worth it!
You're still as beautiful as ever!

Chappy Taylor From Middletown, RI, USA


Pablospoonman 17:11:19 2/08/2003


I loved nightmares 4 & 5. You are like the best, most beautiful movie hero ive ever seen. I really hope you are in freddy vs. jason, and have a good long role in it. Thanks for making the Nightmare series worthwhile. I hope you and your family are doing well.

Pablospoonman From Illinois, USA


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Tramp 03:13:41 2/05/2003


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Trampy Tramperson 03:08:44 2/05/2003


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Trampy Tramperson 23:49:10 2/03/2003


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Sarah Mines 14:28:55 2/01/2003


Hi Lisa,
I was just watching A Nightmare on Elm Street 4 for like the 50th time (it's one of my favourite movies) and wondered what you were up to these days. I'm so glad I came across this website... and I see you're still as beautiful as ever and you're doing well. Looking forward to watching some of your later stuff. I see a lot of girls seemed to like your co-star that played 'Dan' in Nightmare on Elm Street. I, however, preferred Rick! He is 'one major league hunk' Mmmmmm, what a guy! I love the toe jewellery by the way - only problem is I am based in the UK so I hope you will get back to me to let me know whether you can deliver to the UK. I hope so! In the meantime, be happy, and good luck with your future projects! Love Sarah x

Sarah Mines From London, England, UK


Jessie 20:30:48 1/30/2003


Hi Lisa. I read the guestbook and I really don't know what I could tell you that anyone else hasn't yet. But I did have t sign the guestbook and let you know what a huge fan I am. To let you know that movies have alays been a bright spot in my life, yours especially. There are only a few amount of actors/actresses that are so good at what they do, they make you forget your even watching a movie. You are one of them.I am truly a devoted fan and I am so looking forward to Freddy Vs. Jason this August. Please don't break my heart and tell me you won't be in it. As much as I love the Nightmare on Elm Street movies, I couldn't possibly enjoy the movie nearly as much as I would if you were in it. I know you must have a busy life and better things to do, but it would mean so much to me if you could e-mail and tell me how you are, if you'll be in the movie... ANYTHING! lol, tell me anything. I would just love to hear from you. So please if you have time, e-mail me and let me know. One of your most sincere and devoted fans,

Jessie From Ohio, U.S.A


Gio 09:21:49 1/29/2003


My e-mail is not Gio.b####.... Bye bye



Gio 09:15:50 1/29/2003


Hi Lisa!I think you're a beatiful actress.Good Luck for your carrier!!!Kiss,kiss Gio

Gio From Lecco, Italy


frank 21:36:57 1/28/2003


hey lisa- i thought you were great in nightmare on elm streets 4 & 5. but ive been hearing your going to be in freddy vs. jason. lots of web sites say your in it? alot of them dont. i know im probobly not going to get a response from you, because every time i write to an actor or actress, i never get a response. but cant say i didnt try. well hope to hear about it. frank

frank From staten island, ny, usa


Justine Ryan 20:53:35 1/24/2003


Hi Lisa, I just relised that I am actually writing to you, so if you happen by chance to read my message I desperatly want to congratulate you for all the fantastic work you have accomlished and done through out these years. I LOVE your web pages and can't seem to get enough. You are a very beautiful woman and I think your inner beauty shines through every role you play. if not just watching you on screen I always see a beautiful aura shining through. You might be thinking ''well, you don't even know me', but I sincerly think it's the truth. Can I ask you a question, in hopes of getting a reply, if not, no hard feeling but it would be so awesome and it would make my whole year to get a e-mail from you (it honestly can't hurt to try).What was the A Nightmare On Elm Street 4 experience like, have you kept in contact with any of the ELM street cast or do you ever bump into any of actors. Also is the wonderful Tuesday Knight still acting. Oh and what was it like working with Danny H####ell- we all know he is one major league hunk! Keep up the amazing work Lisa and all the best for the future- You deserve it.

Justine Ryan From Melbourne, Australia


Justine Ryan 20:24:50 1/24/2003


Just wanted to say how much I adore the fabulous, most fun to watch Lisa Wilcox.Lisa is one of those rare actress' that has that special quality of being good. She's really interesting to watch,really fun and is funny.I can't exactly pin point what draws me to her, but just to say that she is one of the best actors out there today. I LOVE her as Alice in 'A Nightmare On Elm Street 4', and i'v had the pleasure of watching her on Hardcastle and McCormick and Ciacago Hope, these might be only minor roles but she's just so fun to watch. Lisa is truely a gifted performer and I hope to see A LOT MORE of her in the future. LISA WILCOX IS THE BEST!

Justine Ryan From Melbourne, Australia


Tramp Guy etc 00:42:00 1/21/2003


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Trampy Tramperson 00:40:33 1/21/2003


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Trampy Tramperson From Trampland, Trampsylvania


Mark D. Hutchings 17:31:31 1/20/2003


It was very nice to meet you at the Sacramento Star Trek Convention. I was the first to ask for your autograph on Sunday and you mentioned your next movie that you filmed in France. I'm looking forward to it and to meeting you again sometime. Our conversation was quite enjoyable and it's obvious that you're a wonderful human being. I wish you the greatest success in the years to come.

Mark H.

Mark D. Hutchings From Concord, CA, usa


Shawn from Sac 12:03:22 1/20/2003


It was a pleasure seeing you at the Sacramento Creation Con the weekend of Jan 18th. You are a beautiful woman and a beautiful person. You were so gracious and patient with us fans (always remember, that's short for FANATIC!). I wish I could have mustered up the courage to hit on you like I wanted to ;-)

Shawn from Sac From Davis CA outside Sacramento, USofA


Brian 22:26:35 1/19/2003


Good seeing you at the convention. I didn't know you were in the Star Trek Next generation.

Brian From Sacramento, CA, USA


John 17:15:40 1/19/2003


I might have left out a few letters in my message, but I'm not sure. Anyway, in case I did, I said, I'm ####uming you're the one who was a Star Trek TNG Guest star.

Glad to have met you!

Take care!

John From California, USA


John 17:12:54 1/19/2003


Hello, Lisa!
I'm ####uming that you're the Lisa Wilcox whose a Star Trek Fan and Star Trek TNG guest star. I was happy to have (at least sort of) met you, at the convention. Not sure if we ever met before, but I had a funny feeling as if we had (maybe as children?.) I think, you said you were a fan since you were 5 (?) We have that in common. Perhaps, next time, I'll buy an autographed 8x10 of you. Take care!

John From Northern California, USA


Shawn 21:44:40 1/18/2003


Hi Lisa, I am not sure if it was my site you mentioned on your bulletin board or not, but I put the URL in case. Any feedback would be welcome. I loved your work in the Nightmare films, and find it ludicrous that New Line couldn't write you into Freddy vs. Jason in some capacity. Stay safe, and best regards.

Shawn From United States


Jonathan Rosales 15:31:53 1/18/2003


Hey Lisa! You are awesome. I know you get that a lot. I love you as Alice (the Dreammaster). I cant wait until the summer when I see your beautiful face on screen with freddy. (when he kicks jason's ####. Lisa.....ur great. I can't wait. U are going to be alice right? I need to know desperatley....can u right me back pleaseeee. I would love something from youo. U are the only survivng female in the freddy series. Cus alice is the sh*t. Even Nancy died. but ur cooler than Nancy. And Patricia A. and defintely Tuesday Knight. I saw you in Fangoria magazine last spring and you weree more beautiful than ever. hope to hear from you. # 1 freddy fan.

Jonathan Rosales From chicago IL, us


Jonathan Rosales 15:25:16 1/18/2003


Hey Lisa! You are awesome. I know you get that a lot. I love you as Alice (the Dreammaster). I cant wait until the summer when I see your beautiful face on screen with freddy. (when he kicks jason's ####. Lisa.....ur great. I can't wait.

Jonathan Rosales From chicago IL, us


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Joshua Hunt 16:52:40 1/15/2003


Hi Lisa i really like your movies are you going to be in Freddy vs Jason well e-mail me when ever you have a chance.your #1 fan Joshua Hunt

Joshua Hunt From Texas, United states


Nick Blackford 18:54:26 1/11/2003


Hey Lisa, I thought you were great in "A Nighmare On Elm Street 4" and its sequel. I just can't believe "Freddy's Dead" wasn't based on the characters of Alice and Jacob. Just thought I'd say I think you're beautiful, with huge talent and I wish you all the best for the future. Freddy just isn't the same without you!

Nick Blackford From London, England, United Kingdom


Dave Whiffen 07:13:55 1/10/2003


I really don't know what to say about you. I think that you are fine looking lady & anyone would be lucky to be with you. I heard that you might be playing a role in "Freddy vs Jason". That would be awesome. Hope to see you on the big screen again. Later!

Dave Whiffen From Grand Falls-Windsor, NL, Canada


Lisa Wilcox 11:07:13 1/09/2003


Good luck to you in your career!!

Lisa Wilcox From Ok, USA


Wes 12:59:34 1/08/2003


I too would love to see you in Freddy vs Jason, but even if you aren't in it, you still have a special place in the hearts of Nightmare fans everywhere (besides, there's always the possibility of another sequel. hehe.) So, hope your having a happy New Year, Lisa. You're great, we love you, hope to see you on the big screen again soon. Take care and God bless!


Wes From Kentucky, USA


horny harry 10:34:00 1/08/2003


lisa lisa lisa I just spent half an hour looking
at your picture you are such a hot thing I

lovely lisa wilcox


Schizoid 10:15:40 1/07/2003


Lisa, I like Nightmare on Elm St 4 and 5. You stick out right away as one of THE most important actors and characters of the NOES. The way you played Alice made me empathize with the character and she reminds me of how cute and shy my girlfriend is, I'd like to see your other movies cuz after seeing NOES4 & 5, I have a big crush on you (not the scary evil kind, a nice cute kind.) I hope you're doing well out there whatever you're doing.

Schizoid From Kitchener, Canada


MICHAEL SMITH 10:03:59 1/07/2003


LISA I would just

MICHAEL SMITH From brisbane qld, Australia
@ micheal smith


Trampy Tramperson 00:38:33 1/07/2003


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Trampy Tramperson From Trampworld, Trampsylvania


Steven 07:23:09 1/06/2003


Just wanted to say Lisa your a gr8 actress! And in the Nightmare movies you rock, just a pitty Nightmare 5 was so rushed out.

Also I know EVERYONE keeps asking, but are you in Freddy VS Jason? Please tell us. I've read so much diffrtrnt things and seen o many scripts. I know Kelly Roweland is in it!

Anyway, hope you & your family are well.

All my love,
Steven :-) x

Steven From Greenock, Scotland


Sean Dolan 02:39:48 1/06/2003


hi lisa, I am rather confused. Are you
in or out of Freddy vs Jason? I have
been looking at the character list on
a site and your name has been on
and off the list non stop. please
clarify somebody

Sean Dolan From Glasgow, Scotland


Silvia 07:08:47 1/04/2003


Hi Lisa!! I knew you when I saw for the first time Nightmare 4..I love this film and I love your role..
A big kiss from Rome!!


Silvia From Roma, Italia


Anita Jesse 13:34:45 1/02/2003


Hi. It would be great to hear from you.

Anita Jesse From Los Angeles


Brandy Mathes 12:48:44 12/31/2002


i would really like to aknowlege the Dream Master(Nightmare on Elm.Steet 4).I have watched that movie so many times that i have the whole movie lines and all memorized...My favorite part was at the end when she got ready and kicked his ####....Thanks Lisa!!!

Brandy Mathes From Conroe,Tx, USA


Derek P. Kloiber 23:32:43 12/30/2002


First off let me say that I appriciate the fine contributions you have made to the entertainment world the past two decades, and wish you continued success in all your future endeavors. Most impressive, in my opinion, is the stellar performance you delivered in the Nightmare on Elm Street movies. I was impressed then, as I still am now when I happen to see those films. I truly admire your vigor for the entertainment industry, and wish the best of luck to you in all aspects of your life.
God Bless,

Derek P. Kloiber From Oshkosh, WI, USA


Stone Axl 08:51:15 12/29/2002


Lisa, I remember back when Nightmare 4 and 5 came out I had the biggest crush on you. So this is pretty cool for me, to be able to write something that you just might read. I just wanna thank you for the awesome performance you gave us as "Alice". Your place in movie history is set, and will always be appreciated by the fans of the nightmare movies. As a teenager with a crush back in 98/99, of course I imagined what it would be like to meet you. But as a 27 year old now, I just hope that you have found happiness, and that you know that your appreciated by the fans of the Nightmare films. And I hope for you continued sucsess in whatever you pursue. Thank you for making Nightmare 4 and 5 the cl####ics they have become..


Stone Axl From Texas, USA


Gustavo James 18:58:14 12/28/2002


Oh Lisa Lisa, I totaly love your website. I must admit that you've LITERALY been my dream girl (not in a dirty way though) since I saw you in the first freddy movie. I've been watching your two freddy movies over and over again for all this years. I always dreamed of meeting you in person. I've even been trying to get into the movie bussines just so I can make a movie with you in it. Thats how big of an impact you've made in my life. Who knows maybe I'll see you one day in the movies. Bye for now. Love always.

Gustavo James From New York, USA


Jon 14:46:15 12/28/2002


Hi Lisa, I love your website and I hoped to have been able to get an autographed photo, but A. I can't afford $10 and 2. Isn't your agent being a tad unreasonable to your fans, in charging for autographs anyway? Rutger Hauer does them for free on his site, as do lots of other actors, so maybe a re-think is needed here. I'd just like to make it clear though, that I'm not critising you personally of course :-) Best of luck in all that you do in 2003 & Happy New Year to you and your family.

Jon From Essex, United Kingdom


micheal 11:06:31 12/19/2002


wonderful site. you are a lovely and talented lady. happy holidays.

micheal From hamilton ontario, canada


shim 17:38:41 12/17/2002


dear miss wilcox,
wow im such a huge fan you have no idea. i memorized all your lines in the freddy movies. i know it's a movie but you inspired me to face my fears and TAKE DOWN ALL THE PICTURES I HAVE ON MY MIRROR AND FIND MY you found them in freddy part 4. you are both beutiful and talented a lethal combination and im suprised i don't see you so much on the big screen. i have a few questions to ask you- Are you in freddy vs jason? if you are-do you reprise your role as alice? also im thinking of making a new freddy and i want you to be the main role and reprise your role as alice again -what do you think about that idea??? your the best stay beautiful!!!please if u have a chance write back i know ur so busy but just anything from u will make me so excited!!!

shim From new york, america


Viewing Guests 81-100


shim 17:33:27 12/17/2002


dear miss wilcox,
wow im such a huge fan you have no idea. i memorized all your lines in the freddy movies. i know it's a movie but you inspired me to face my fears and TAKE DOWN ALL THE PICTURES I HAVE ON MY MIRROR AND FIND MY you found them in fredd part 4. you are both beutiful and talented a lethal combination and im suprised i don't see you so much on the big screen. i have a few questions to ask you- Are you in freddy vs jason? if you are-do you reprise your role as alice? also im thinking of making a new freddy and i want you to be the main role and reprise your role as alice again -what do you think about that idea??? your the best stay beautiful!!!

shim From new yor, america


Cesi 19:47:52 12/16/2002


Hey Lisa;
How are you? I Hope everything is well. I love your website. It looks wonderful!!!! I wanted to ask you something abou the entertaiment industry...I enjoy writing scripts for motion pictures and I have a couple done already.. What would you say is the best way to get them exposed to major movie producers or studios? Thanks...Happy Holidays and can't wait to see you in the big screen!!!

Cesi From Miami, USA


James G Ferguson 18:23:41 12/14/2002


Miss Wilcox is really pretty and a wonderful actress i just hope she survives in the movie freddy vs jason.
i hope we see more of Miss Wilcox in the future i`d never get tired of looking at her on the silver screen.

James G Ferguson From Scotland


William H. 09:17:28 12/14/2002


I think your the best and very pretty to i really injoy all your work.Hope to see more of you in the years to come. Happy 2003

William H. From Up state ny, us


ant 19:07:24 12/13/2002


the only actress that has ever stuck in my mind, not on screen enough though.

ant From manchester, england


Jason Aston 18:53:47 12/13/2002


I really loved you in the nightmares, you were my favorite character in my favorite series of films. I really hope you will reprise the role for the new film. If you do, I will be watching, and loving every minute.

Jason Aston From Texas, United States


Robert 03:37:46 12/12/2002


I really Enjoyed the a nightmare on elm street films But I think Four is by far the best. I hope you do come back in Freddy vs. Jason and kick Freddy's butt again. You have always been My Favorite lead actress!!

Robert From Greensboro, N.C., USA


Karine 04:31:48 12/11/2002


You're the best! I liked "Nightmare on elm street 4" and you stay the best ! please, come back with freddy !!!!!!!



rene ortiz 13:36:19 12/10/2002


love your work. hope to see you in more movies... are you in the latest Freddy movie aka Jason vs Freddy?

rene ortiz From New York, New York


eugene 21:39:46 12/08/2002


hey i was checking up on freddy vs jason the movie and i saw u in the this true??!??! i love you!

eugene From ny, usa


Michael Thiel 19:27:46 12/04/2002


I love movies and one of my favorites is Nightmare on Elm Street, the first one i owned was the 4th one and since i got it when i was 16, i think i have wached it over 300 times, cause i would watch it before i go to bed, it would help me get to sleep lol. also i use to bring girls over and watch it with them too, it was my bridge to get to scared into my arms lol. I just want to tell u that your a great actress and im happy the your in the movie with freddy again, i hope u dont die, like the killed off Kristen from the 3rd movie ( but it did make sence though ).

Write back sometime,

Michael Thiel From Ft Gordon, GA, USA
http://dont have one


Brock Vincion Sharp 14:48:04 12/03/2002


You have been one of my fav cult actress since nightmare .I want to get you in one of my indie films .But i don't know how much it would cost to get you in one.i am willing to send you a script if you contact me at:

I wish you the best of luck!!!

Brock Vincion Sharp

Brock Vincion Sharp , usa


Esten 20:04:03 11/28/2002


Happy Thanksgiving,Lisa.Hope you have a great holiday season,and take care.:)



Esten From Texas, USA


GhOsT 10:23:43 11/25/2002


HELLO LOVE. people say the same thing on this board all the time. good luck with your life and love your work.



Jon Amaya 17:02:18 11/24/2002


Dear Lisa, Ive been a great fan of yours since elm streets 4 and 5 and thats how I grew to like the Freddy films. Some how I related to your Character and it inspired me while I was growing up when I lived in Guatemala. I think about that period of my life all the time. I think you are an excellent actress for the simply reason that you caused a reaction in me just by these sequels. I do beleive that you deserve a big role. I study film at the moment and if I ever make it as a director, you will be the first to know. I wish you the best. Love Jon

Jon Amaya From UK, UK


Crystal 11:53:31 11/23/2002


Hi Lisa this is Crystal a huge fan I love you're website, you are so adorable in those pictures and are an axcelent actress, I hear rumors you are in FreddVSJason, god I hope thats true, you and Heather make the sequals what they are and who would top it off but wes himself. I too am a screenplay writer and wish one day to be an actress but as far as looks go I am not what people are looking for probly. Any advice on how to be as beaurifull and successfull as you are. Love ya babe
You're fan Crystal :D

Crystal From TX, USA


cole 22:04:27 11/22/2002


hi lisa. i met you at san diego comic con a few years back with tuesday knight. you both looked great. is it true your in freddy vs jason??



Shawn 01:07:33 11/19/2002


I just have to say I LOVED you in Nightmare On Elm Street 4 and 5!! Your amazing!!! I'M HOPING THE RUMOURS ARE TRUE and that you ARE IN Freddy Vs Jason OMG THAT WOULD BE AMAZING! I still gotta see you in Watchers Reborn!! Your an amazing actress and your really SEXY!!!!!! I love you!!!! Please write back if you read this..I'd love that!

Shawn From Canada


Killer 00:37:26 11/15/2002


whats up lisa?
im a huge fan of the nightmare on elm street series, and you were great in part 4 and 5. heard your in freddy vs. jason...just wondering how the movie is looking. i know youre really busy and all, but if you could find time to write me and tell me about the movie, id be grateful. sweet dreams.




Omead 17:42:44 11/11/2002


Hello Lisa!
It is such a honour if you were to read this. I am such a big fan of your work and I'm sorry as you are likely to hear this nearly all the time...But your charactor, Lisa of Nightmare 4 and 5 was amazing! amazing charactor for some amazing movies I'd say. The question is that will Lisa be in "Freddy Vs Jason" because if she isn't...I wouldn't see the movie! Please let me know
you are so cool and Im sorry to sound so dumb in this message! lol
Take Care

Omead From South Shields, England


Viewing Guests 101-120


Michael Russo 06:29:30 11/10/2002


Hi Lisa! I'm a HUGE fan of your work in Nightmare's 4 and 5 (especially Dream Master). Nightmare 4: Dream Master was one of the first "adult" movies I saw as a kid (I think I was about 8 then. I'm 17 now). It really got me into the horror/thriller/drama genre. It's one of the reasons why I became so interested in screenwriting/movie making (well, I don't think I can call it that's more like, I'm a guy who writes movies..that he HOPES will make it onto the screen. ^_^)

Seeing your portrayal of Alice really opened my eyes. Finally, a movie with a character that was like me. As a kid growing up I was exactly like Alice in the first half of Dream Master. In fact, a huge part of me still is...and I'd like to THANK YOU for portraying that character so well and making her REAL.

Now, I'm starting to feel more like the "Stronger Alice". I'm standing up for myself more. I'm getting the first real friends I've ever had. I'm being open about being gay. I'm also going to school more and right now for the first time in my life I've got straight A's! I like looking at Nightmare 4 and seeing Alice at the end...and I tell myself..."I want to be there," and that's my goal.

Another thing I wanted to bring up -- are you going to be in Freddy VS Jason? YAHOO Movies has you added to the cast...and a lot of other OFFICIAL (non-trash) movie sites say that you're going to be in it. I would SO love to see Alice in it...and show up and kick some ####, you know? I still don't know why they didn't ask you to be the LEAD!

You're a great actress and you created a great character. Yes, some credit goes to the writer/directer/blah blah blah...but you made her real. Very few actors can do that.

I hope some day that you'll star in one of MY movies...if I ever sell one of them (Hell, I'd have them made for free, I don't care about the money, I want the stories told, you know?).

So, I hope you read this...and I hope we get to chat or meet or something down the line.

Love yah,
~Michael Russo~
A.K.A. - One of your biggest fans.

Michael Russo From Laurel, Maryland, USA


Dan 11:05:48 11/08/2002


LISA!!!!!!!! Rumor has it you're going to be in Freddy vs Jason, I hope it's true. Just wanna say good luck with all that you do and I hope you get everything you've ever asked for. Remember,a wish is just a wish until you make it exist.

Dan From Streetsboro,OH, United States


Justin Adkins 13:33:05 11/05/2002


i have always loved the nightmare movies with the ones you are in and i heard that u where going to be in freddy v jason?

Justin Adkins From clarksdale mississippi, united states


Holly tramp 01:27:09 11/05/2002



Holly tramp From tramp street, trampworld


chris graves 22:29:06 11/04/2002


hey lisa i love your work in film and tv, i got a cable access sitcom. i was wondering if you'd like to watch it sometime.

chris graves From m####achusettes, u.s.a.


sean dolan 09:46:14 11/03/2002


Hi Lisa! Just wanted to say I thought you were great in ANOES 4 and 5. I hope that you do appear in the upcoming Freddy vs Jason movie.

sean dolan From Glasgow, Scotland


Vampire Slayer 20:56:16 11/02/2002


Hi Lisa, I just wanted to tell you that you are a terrific actress and from the looks of, a loving mother. I just wanted to tell you that I loved your character, Alice, is both "A Nightmare On Elm Street 4 and 5". I'm so HAPPY that I'll be seeing you in the upcoming "Freddy VS Jason" movie. I see your name towards the end of the credits and I'm just so disappointed that you're not one of the leading actresses. It's okay though, just as long as you don't die. If you die, I'm have to murder the writers of the movie lol jk. But no, anyway, I just wanted to say congratulations on your accomplishments and I'm looking forward to seeing you on the big/little screen in the near future. :o) Bye.

(Hope yopu read this)

Vampire Slayer From California, USA


james 18:33:46 10/31/2002


Hi Lisa, as everybody else on the
board has said already I loved you in
Nightmare 4 and 5. Alice was my
favorite character.
God Bless!

james From Columbia, SC


james 18:33:25 10/31/2002


Hi Lisa, as everybody else on the
board has said already I loved you in
Nightmare 4 and 5. Alice was my
favorite character.
God Bless!

james From Columbia, SC


Orlando Rodriguez 12:28:40 10/30/2002


I just want to say that I loved you in both Nightmare on Elm Street 4&5. I hope that you keep on acting for I think you are a terrific actress. Congratulations for taking time off froma acting to build a family and if the rumors are true I look forward to seeing you reprise your role as Alice in the movie "Freddy vs Jason". Good luck to you in the near future with both your acting career and family. All the best to you.

Orlando Rodriguez From Chicago, Illinois, USA


Jorge Suarez 12:23:28 10/29/2002


Congratulations! you are truly an actress and not a plastic artist that hollywood likes to make. Two Thumbs up!!! I've enjoyed all of your movies

Jorge Suarez From Mexico City, Mexico


Edward Scissorhands 02:34:25 10/29/2002


hey Alice....Well just wanted to give you kudos on portraying the most intersting character on the ELm Street series.! i wish you best of luck in the future,,and hope to see you in Freddy VS Jason

Edward Scissorhands From USA


Dream Stalker 12:08:07 10/28/2002


Cool website :), I really loved Dream Master and the one following it with Lisa, she's a great actress, and I hope to see her in Freddy Vs Jason, it would be great to see her again on screen with Freddy, E-mail me sometime Lisa :) :)

Dream Stalker From Nightmare Chamber , U.S of A


walter wilcox 14:59:25 10/24/2002


we might be related,do know larry wilcox ,for he is my third cousin. email me and let me know thank you

walter wilcox From florida, u.s.a.


James 06:25:07 10/23/2002


I must say, I heard the same thing as Alex (above). I read in a film mag that Lisa had returned as Alice in a new Film featuring Jason and Freddy.
Is it true?

Lisa was excellent in both Nightmare films. Great

James From London, England


Alex 23:13:17 10/22/2002


Have to say by far that Alice was my favorite Nightmare on Elm Street Heroin...and have a question...I read somewhere that Lisa took a part in the Freddy VS. Jason movie. Is this true. It would make sence since Alice was the only character to ever survive in the nightmare on elm street series and she faded off into the sunset. IS SHE BACK?

Alex From Pennsylvania, US


Holly Shaw The Tramp 01:25:01 10/22/2002


I am a tramp
Lisa is a tramp
Lisa is my friend
But she is a tramp
Because I am a tramp

Holly Shaw The Tramp From Tramp World, Tramp Land


Amy Green 19:15:12 7/22/2002


Dear Lisa,
I became a fan of yours when you
played the character of Alice Johnson
in the NOES films. I think you're a
wonderful actress and I look forward to
seeing more of your work soon!
I was dissapointed that you didn't
make a cameo in "Wes Craven's New Night-
mare"(1994). Did you participate in the
NOES DVD box set? (I didn't buy it yet.)
We just got a computer. It's nice to know that you're doing well. I hear
they're casting the role of Wonder Woman
for Warner Bros.-you'd be perfect.
I have a question-are you still friends with your former castmates, and
what advice do you have for someone who wants to be an actress? Thanks!
Amy Green

Amy Green From Pflugerville, TX., USA


Mark Troops 17:03:37 6/05/2002


hi, lisa i just have to say what a wonderfull actress you are i especially loved you in nightmare 4+5, this may sound strange but when ever i am down (most of the time)i put on one of your films and i fell much better, you are a real star, you have a great on screen appearence, thanks you.

I also wanted to ask you i know you have already been asked this question so many times but are you going to be in freddy vs. jason, i hope you are as it won't be worth watching.

many thanks

Mark Troops From Wet and cold England, Great Britain


Jason Yates 20:08:05 6/03/2002


Hi, Lisa I've been a fan of yours since Nightmare on Elm Street 4, and I've been following your career ever since.
I just thought I'd mention it to you, I don't know if your into comics, but Marvel Comics has several large film projects in the works, since the success of X-men and Spider-man. One of those is " The Fantastic Four", I think you'd be a dynamite Sue Storm,(The Invisible Woman), she is the heart of the team and you've got that cl####ic movie star style, which she also has, just thought I'd mention it.
Jason Yates

Jason Yates From 715 Fall Creek Dr. Huffman,TX 77336, United States


Viewing Guests 121-140


Rob Bannister 14:40:52 6/03/2002


Hi Lisa,
I know you've heard it a million times before but I think your a great actress. You've done a great job of the roles in Nightmare 4&5 and was wandering what was the whole experience like? Anyway all the best for the future. Rob

Rob Bannister From Derbyshire, England


MyersH78 11:45:07 6/01/2002


I'm a huge horror fan and love the nightmare series. Alice is a favourite character of mine, simply an all time great horror heroine. Thanks for your work in the ANOES series and good luck with future projects!

MyersH78 From Bruchsal, Germany


Doug Williams, Jr. 07:47:20 5/29/2002


You know, you like all the things that I like. I am impressed. I just happened up on this site, and so what can I say?


Doug Williams, Jr. From Dayton, Ohio, United states


Parilese 19:47:08 5/28/2002


I just saw your page spread in the May 2002 Femme Fatales double issue "Scream Queens Resurrection" Great cover picture of you with Brinke & Julie. I like you as a blonde, it suits you. Best of luck to you!



Melissa Page 01:45:53 5/28/2002


Hey Lisa, I just wanted to say that til this day NOES4 is one of my fave movies. Infact it is my fave Nightmare. In grammar school I wanted to be Alice!!You're beautiful and such a great actress. I really hope to see you in some great roles in the near future. Take care and God Bless. Love Always Melissa Page

Melissa Page From Chicago, Illinois, United States


peggy 11:11:08 5/26/2002


Hi Lisa,
I saw you the first time at ANOESIV,
and it is a pity that you are not that
pupular here in Germany.I loved your
role as Alice-Real GIRLPOWER!I'll go
to the USA and England this year so,I'll try to get some movies with you on DVD or Video.You remind me of my aunt Heidy when she was younger.You're really pretty.
Take care, sincerely yours Peg

peggy , germany


Jonathan Newman 22:24:40 5/23/2002


I just want to thank you Lisa for being an inspiration to me. Your strength shown in the character of Alice in A Nightmare on Elm Street 4 has always inspired me.

Jonathan Newman From Crystal, Minnesota, United States


Randy Klinckhardt 15:22:56 5/08/2002


great to have found this site -

Randy Klinckhardt From phoenix arizona


Rafael Ángel 12:48:23 4/24/2002


Hola Lisa! como ves, también tienes fans en España, tu papel en la cuarta parte de Pesadilla en Elm Street me dejó totalmente cautivado de ti cuando la ví por primera vez hace ya muchos años y cuando tuve acceso a internet el buscarte fue una de las primeras cosas que se me vino a la imaginación...y se ve que he tenido muchas suerte! un beso mu cariñoso, gracias por hacerme soñar...

Rafael Ángel From Córdoba, España


DAVID 19:36:05 4/18/2002


Hola a todos. desde España un gran admirador de Lisa. Excelente actriz ademas de guapisima. Por akí no hemos tenido la oportunidad de verla en otras pelis, pero si en series, aunke me kedo con su papel de Alice en Pesadilla. "ahora voy a echarme a dormir, el señor de los sueños cuidará de mi, y en el espejo de los sueños, el mal se verá reflejado...Y MORIRÁ". Para ti Lisa, te amo. Muuuuack.



Brooke Boles 15:27:09 4/17/2002


You're one hottie and a hell of a toe ring seller. I have enjoyed our trip together in NY. Leon told me to tell you hello!

Brooke Boles From Los Angeles, CA , USA


Freddy Krueger 04:51:12 4/15/2002


hey alice are you looking forward to freddy vs jason.

take care
Fred .K

Freddy Krueger From hell


Dustin Whalen 22:06:53 4/07/2002


Hello Lisa,i saw you twice last summer.Once at the san diego comic-con then at the fangoria show in pasadena.I didnt have the guts to say hi but i checked out your photos real quick and it was nice seeing you in person.Your even more beautiful in person.Anyways hope to see ya again.Take Care,

Dustin Whalen


Aunt Linda 17:56:05 3/25/2002


Hi Lisa,
Just thinking about ya after watching Hollywood last night at the Oscars.Did you get to go?
So sorry to learn about Jill's news from Linds.
You and Tate both have a birthday coming up next month.Today is your cousin Todd's birthday.34
Gotta run,Hope all is well
Aunt Linda

Aunt Linda From Lincoln NE, USA


Jeremy Ray Logsdon 23:09:09 3/23/2002


Lisa, I have been a big fan since the first time I've seen ANOES4. I'm a fan of horror movies with a powerful female lead, and Alice, the character you breathed life into, was a perfect example of that. You didn't play her as a victim, and I really liked that. I continue to watch your career with interest, and I look forward to seeing you in future projects. God bless.

Jeremy Ray Logsdon From Munfordville, Kentucky, USA


MATT 14:52:19 3/23/2002


Hey Lisa.. since i was about 6 i loved the NOES series.. you are so gifted and beautiful..are the roomers true about a FREDDY VS Jason movie.Will you be appearing in it. so rumors say yes

MATT From Chicago, USA


Jere 18:05:01 3/10/2002


I've seen Lisa Wilcox on NOES 4. She was so terrific and beautiful on that film. She played the role of Alice extremely well. But I also thought that the actress who played Sheila (Toy Newkirk) was excellent too. Only I don't know what she's doing now. I'm finding sites on Lisa, but I can't find any on Toy Newkirk. Does anyone know any further info on her? I'd kinda like to know. Thanks :)




Jill Hurless (Corley) 17:51:21 3/08/2002


Hi Lisa -
BOY was I surprised to see you again! Especially the way I came across your picture!
I knew you in my freshman year of high school at University. Back then, you were modeling and doing theatre. You also "stole" a guy I really liked at the time, Chris C####ady - HA!
Anyway, I was looking for toe rings (of all things) for gifts on the 'net, and there you were! I recognized you right away. Glad things are good in your life and best of luck to you in your movie carreer.
Jill Corley

Jill Hurless (Corley) From Huntington Beach, CA, USA


Ryan Gohlinghorst 15:16:20 3/06/2002


Hey Lisa, I really enjoy your work and I'm glad that you created a website to give your fans a chance to interact with you. You show a lot of cl####.

Ryan Gohlinghorst From Mankato, MN, USA


Cory 11:10:50 3/05/2002


Hey Lisa,
It is Cory again I love your films. I wish you the best of luck on your future films. I saw Watchers Reborn way wicked awesome!!!!
:) keep makin movies ok bye

Cory From Cordova, Tn, USA
http://no homepage


Viewing Guests 141-160


Tracey 22:12:54 3/04/2002


I have to say that Nightmare On Elm Street 4 is my favorite of the series. It's mostly because your character was so believeable. I was very young when I first saw the movie, and it was scary. I'm 22 now and have the complete series. I know that you get more comments on that role than any other becuase the series was so popular. It still is to this day as a matter of fact. I work in a video store and Nightmare 4 is the highest rental out of our horror section. It's great to see such a talented actress own and operate her own site, and I wish you the best of luck in future films, and hope to seem more of you soon! Later!

Tracey From North Carolina, USA


Joseph McClain 02:20:21 3/02/2002


I read at that you will be there. Hope to get to meet you and get some Elm Street stuff sign.

Joseph McClain From Horn Lake MS, USA


tony 01:42:00 2/28/2002



tony From New Jersey, USA


BILL SCHMITT 16:43:13 2/27/2002





Natalie 09:19:17 2/27/2002


I think you are a fab actress and cant wait to see your future movies!

Natalie , UK


Kurt A. Preston 18:59:33 2/25/2002


As ####ignments go ... being of service in Plano was truly unforgetable!
But noticing that you were Missy Preston in the TV version of Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventures ... does that mean we're somehow related?

Kurt A. Preston From Tulsa, OK, USA


Kurt A. Preston 18:58:03 2/25/2002


As ####ignments go ... being of service in Plano was truly unforgetable!
But noticing that you were Missy Preston in the TV version of Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventures ... does that mean we're somehow related?

Kurt A. Preston From Tulsa, OK, USA


Shiv Naimpally 12:54:22 2/24/2002


Hi Lisa: it was great meeting you at the Sci Fi Expo Feb 23-24 in Dallas. I'm looking forward to Chastity Blade. Wishing you all the best for the future!

Shiv Naimpally From Dallas, USA


cheryl 15:54:28 2/22/2002


Just like to say that this is a great website. Lisa, you rule!!! I think you are a great actress, I will create a club on yahoo soon and dedicate it to you!!!

cheryl From England, UK


Dan Peters 20:35:23 10/10/2001


Hey Lisa! Not sure if you are reading this or not, but I just want to say that you look as beautiful today as you did in NOES 4 & 5...I've been watching The Dream Child a lot lately, and I just wanted to know what it was like on the movie sets. Everything was so elaborate. Good job on your past endeavors and future work. You deserve the best.

Dan Peters From Streetsboro,OH, USA


Nicola Bello 03:24:39 10/08/2001


Hi,Lisa.Long time no sign.It's me again,your Far Fan.Hope u're fine.Could u sign my guestbook at
It's a comics site,I'm the forum section's moderator.Your visit would bring me a lot of happiness
The Nice One

Nicola Bello From Naples, Italy


Steven 02:25:31 10/05/2001


Id just like 2 say that Lisa was FANTASTIC in Nightmare On Elm Street 4 and 5! She was the best put of all the movies and played her [art so well! I also like the way her charector differs betweens movies, although it is the same person in Part 5 Alive seems much stronger n Lisa performs this so wll!
Love Steven xxx

Steven From Scotland


Jonathon 07:30:46 10/03/2001


Nice Site, I hope to see lisa in more films.

Jonathon From Uk


Shane Wilcox 21:30:56 10/02/2001


You and my mother use to have the same
name.It was always a trip growing up seeing moms name on Freddy movies.
Honestly,I got to your website by mistake but looked anyway + its good.
Keep up the good work and God bless
ya. COLE GET A LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!

Shane Wilcox From B.R.La., USA


Jon 20:43:45 10/02/2001


hi lisa. nice web page you got here. i always have questions to ask t.v./movie stars. did you really know how to fight?karate in the "Nightmare" movie? e-mail me and let me know.

Jon From Orlando, FL., U.S.


Mark Athridge 06:38:41 9/30/2001


Ms. Wilcox
Hi, my name's Mark and i'm a 22 year old college journalism student. I've always been a fan of Freddy Krueger but didn't really get into the Nightmare series until about a year ago (not sure how much sense that makes) but after watching all of them, you are without a doubt my favorite character. The transition you went through from the beginning of part 4 to the end was simply amazing. And i'll admit that I became a bit smitten with Alice. Do you have any plans to come to the Central Florida area for any kind of conference on horror films? If so I would love to meet you. Thank you again for creating such a memorable character.


Mark Athridge From C####elberry, FL., United States


Orlov Sergey 05:22:15 9/29/2001


Hi, Lisa I'm very-very old your lover. I watch your films again & again, espessially, that one where you are with Freddy, i'll be very apreciate if you mail me...

Orlov Sergey From Moscow, Russia


Jake Randall 19:09:45 9/27/2001


Hey, Lisa.. I was reading the guestbook and I overread (wow..what a word..) that you would be taking on the role as Alice.. in "Freddy Vs. Jason".. I've read all about that movie for about 2 years and I hope to see something soon.. Thanks again for your email.. I really appreciate it. Note to everyone: You all must see "Watchers Reborn". It's one of Lisa's newer movies and I swear you'll love it...Also.. Check out Toe Brights!!!!!

- Jake

Jake Randall From Van Buren, AR, US
http://None yet.. =(


Jake Randall 15:09:30 9/24/2001


Hey, Lisa.. It's me again. Yes. Well.. I just can't get over this site. Right now.. it's the only one coming up on my computer screen. Gaaah.. I love "Watchers Reborn".. I know I'm a little obsessed.. Just another star struck fan.. But it was seriously a good movie. It would be great if another Watchers Reborn movie came out and you took on the role as Grace..again. Of course..someone would have to make sure the old cast would be in it or it would be a horrible movie and you would be the only glorious light to keep it in view. Well..again.. I love the movie(s) I've seen you in.. I think this has been my fourth message or something.. But.. I gotta' admit..this website earned the spot it has in my favorites section. Love you much, chicklet.. <333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333

- Jake..

Jake Randall From Van Buren, AR, US
http://None.. =( Getting one soon! =)


Jake Randall 14:47:11 9/24/2001


Hey Hey, Chicklet.. Lisa dearest.. I love the site.. heh.. Gaaah! I'm still trying to find "Watchers Reborn" buy. It makes me mad that Star Video has it and I can't get it. Oh well.. I'll keep trying. By the way..did you like working with that awesome dog in the movie? Heh.. I hope you had fun. <3333333333333333333

- Your biggest fan.. Jake

Jake Randall From Van Buren, AR, US
http://None.. :(


Viewing Guests 161-180


bill green 09:36:58 9/24/2001


dear lisa wilcox, how are you have one heck of a excellent A++++ website here. please visit my website and sign my guestbook ok. when you have a minute. i collect autographs of celebritys etc as hobby not for money. you will find my mailing address in my website so you can mail me a 8x10 autograph photo of yourself. please sign it to bill green. i think your a very nice person and actress. i also injoy watching all your movies etc. thanks bill green fellow fan. please keep in touch.

bill green From 21 benham st. apt.f bristol, ct, usa


Paul 07:01:26 9/24/2001


Hi Lisa,
I have been a fan of yours since i saw NIGHTMARE 4. I liked your performances in NIGHTMARE 5 and WATCHERS:REBORN also. You have a cool and friendly homepage and it would be nice to maybe hear from you someday in an email. I wish you the best in your acting and business and maybe you will be added to the FREDDY VS JASON cast. It would be great to see your "Alice ' character again! Take care and i'll vist your site again.


Paul From Maine, USA


kim 08:56:31 9/23/2001


Lisa, Hi, Just a note to let you know that you are featured at the Galaxy this week. Thank you for taking the time to send a photo. You can check out your feature at the url below.

kim From ny, usa


cole agin... 09:51:27 9/19/2001


hey lisa this is my 3rd message.oppsession???mabey.anyway ive seen and read your whole site,watched all your stuff and met you.iam a huge fan.anyway be good and keep me...

cole agin...


cole 11:07:04 9/17/2001


hey LISA it,s cole agin here.i dont know if you read all the messages and things but i think you are the most talented and beautiful actor around.i love the freddy movies you did and wish you,d email me.i met you at comic con.your a smart,funny and nice person.HOT!!!!!!



Jake Randall 17:50:05 9/14/2001


Hey, Lisa.. It's me again... I still can't get over "Watchers Reborn".. I hope to see you in more movies because woman.. you could p#### for a 23 year old.. Anyways um.. email me or something.. I know you're busy and probably have no business emailing me but .. do it anyway..hehe.. Love much.. <33333

- Jake

Jake Randall From Van Buren, AR, US
http://None.. :(


Jake Randall 17:45:39 9/14/2001


Hey, Lisa. I just recently saw your movie.. "Watchers Reborn"... Tonight..the night I am typing this.. I rented it again..for the second time. I plan to buy it if I can ever find it..the movie store owners think they can sell it to me. But hey.. I love the movie.. you look great.. Just as good (if not better) as you did in A Nightmare on Elm Street Part 4..and 5.. Those movies ruled too.. Well me some time..we can have a virtual lunch. Haha.. <3333333333333

- Jake

Jake Randall From Van Buren, AR, US
http://None.. :(


Hugh White 00:36:58 9/14/2001


Well, I'm writing this as though Miss Wilcox herself will read it. If so, I'd like to thank you for adding to the wonder of horror movies that was my world as an adolescent. You brought magic to a series that Hollywood doomed from it's first sequel, and as cheesy as it may sound, you also spread a lil' bit of that magic into my life. Don't ask me how it is that people relate to a character in a movie (especially a NOES movie), because I'll probably never be able to explain it, but I did. You'll always stand out as one of my favorite actresses. As a self-proclaimed screenwriter and future movie-maker hopeful, I would love nothing more than to someday have the pleasure of working work with you. Until that day does or even doesn't come, I hope the world gets to see much more of you in the future. Best wishes and admiration for everything you do.

J. Hugh White

Hugh White From Clayton, Alabama (but now in Atlanta, GA), USA


MAGNAT Julien 13:08:02 9/11/2001


Dear Lisa burglars broke in my flat today and took my computer... no more email - Two weeks before my shooting starts! You can reach me at:



cole 08:20:13 9/11/2001


what,s up lisa?? i met you at comic con san diego 2001 and i had you sign that big nightmare signed the nun picture.anyway you were the sweetest and most beautiful woman there.what an honor.seeya



craig 12:50:38 9/10/2001


hey lisa,i just found your site,and i wanted to say hi.i feel like a old man i saw all the nightmare on elm street flicks i the theature and you were always my favorite,well take it easy and a blast!

craig From edmonton, canada


Harold Burgher 14:42:57 9/09/2001


Hi Ms.Wilcox
Im writeing you to ask you since you worked with Wes Craven if I could send him a copy of my script I am writeing for a horror movie.
Do you know where I could send it.

Harold Burgher From home, dayton,ohio


Daniel Ryan Mulligan 19:55:26 9/01/2001


Please e-mail me very soon, I have a
very personal story I would like to share with Miss Wilcox that cannot be shared with anyone else. I need to tell her this story soon before I go into surgery. Thanks in advance, Dan.

Daniel Ryan Mulligan From 2410 Tomahawk Court. Carpentersville, IL. 60110-1244, United States of America
http://no homepage


Daniel Ryan Mulligan 19:55:10 9/01/2001


Please e-mail me very soon, I have a
very personal story I would like to share with Miss Wilcox that cannot be shared with anyone else. I need to tell her this story soon before I go into surgery. Thanks in advance, Dan.

Daniel Ryan Mulligan From 2410 Tomahawk Court. Carpentersville, IL. 60110-1244, United States of America;
http://no homepage


juan 22:36:47 8/31/2001


hi lisa
i am your fan #1 in mexico
i hope you have the time to write me a mail..pleaseeeee
then i can die in peace..
p.s. answer me please

juan From ,monterrey, mexico


Beth Senturia 00:38:06 8/31/2001


What a great site, Lisa. I especially love the childhood pictures of you, and the pictures of your early acting work. They are a lot of fun to look at, and I appreciate you letting us all in to see your personal memories like that.

I hadn't realized you were "Mrs. Brady" in the movie about the show. Is that coming out on video tape, because I missed it on TV. How was it playing such an iconic character, and playing Florence Henderson, a real person? Did you meet her or talk to her about your performance at all?

Like most people here (it seems) I loved the character of Alice in Nightmare 4 and 5 (especially in 4) -- and she was definitely my fave Nightmare character. Inspirational, and you were really terrific.

I look forward to being able to see Chastity Blade sometime in the future, and wish you much happiness and success, with your family and your career.

Beth Senturia From New York City, USA


Steven Taylor 00:03:18 8/31/2001


Great site Lisa.I will have to check out more of your films!

Steven Taylor From Sydney, Australia


chris 17:40:38 8/30/2001


Hi, didn't know you were an actress as well. see you soon.

chris From los angeles


John W. (billyhill) 20:57:03 8/29/2001


You have a really nice website, Lisa!
I am a fan of sci-fi, and horror, as you can see if you visit my website.
Who did you like working with the best?
Please feel free to visit my website, and sign my guestbook. :o)

John W. (billyhill) From Lake Worth, Fla., U.S.A.


Tyler 17:18:41 8/29/2001


Hey Lisa! Just thought I'd drop in and say ''What's up'' I loved you in NOES 4 and 5, and I hope to see you in FvJ (if it's ever made) hehe.

Much Love,

Tyler From Missouri, USA


Viewing Guests 181-200


andrea sabic 17:36:42 8/27/2001


I just wanted to say thank you for coming to fangoria's weekend of horrors. You still have alot of fans out there and it was really nice of you to come out and get to know some of them.

andrea sabic From california, usa


Tony 12:34:59 11/30/1999


I just wanted to say thank you lisa for being in such an awesome movie as freddy 4! Yor charector of alice has inspired me in so many ways in my life. I'll continue to view it forever. please e-mail me if you can. good luck!

Tony From m####, usa


Greg Siff 10:29:58 8/21/2001


Hey Lisa, It's me Greg Siff AKA Barry Williams, I just got a brand new computer and found your website, I'm back in NY finishing my college and just wanted to say hi! I hope everything is beautiful in California and can't wait to speak to you soon.
You look gorgeous!

Love, Greg

Greg Siff From 1, 1


Harold burgher jr. director 09:33:11 8/19/2001


Hi Ms.Wilcox
I was wondering if you need the freddy vs jason script i can e-mail it to you.

Thank you

Harold burgher jr. director From home, Dayton


Dorothy 03:17:16 8/15/2001


OK here it is lisa i luv you you were great in noes 4 and i hope to see you in freddy vs jason if they ever get around to making it oh and every time i watch noes 4&5 i always pretend like im in the movie lol enyway i would love to make a horror movie with you in the near future never gonna happen lol

Dorothy From madisonville, TX


Fabio 18:21:20 8/08/2001


Freddy Freddy Freddy !!!!.

Fabio , Italia


Jeremy Haulter 18:42:34 8/07/2001


Lisa Rules... i first saw her in Nightmare on Elm Street, since then i have seen her in many movies and TV shows.

Jeremy Haulter From Russiaville (by Kokomo) Indiana, USA


Brian 01:23:23 8/07/2001


You are such a great actress! I love the Nightmare on Elm Street series, and you play my favorite character Alice in 4 and 5. I am wondering if you will play Alice in Freddy vs. Jason, I also would like to know what upcoming movies you are going to be in. Please email me at, thanks.

Brian From , USA


Mikhail 17:30:28 8/05/2001


You are perfect, it is a pity, that mine English, does not allow to tell greater!!!

Mikhail From Moscow, Russia


Troy Foote 21:35:22 7/26/2001


Hello Lisa, Troy here!

I just want to tahnk you for posting the address to my fan club dedicated to you. I'm glad you got it finally. Have you checked it out for yourself yet? I'm getting new members by the day and I think your site helped me out. Thanks. Oh yeah, I don't know if my e-mail got to you earlier this week, but my birthday was on Wednesday and I turned 22! Just thought I'd let you know. Anyways, good luck and have fun with the rest of your Summer!


Troy Foote From Prescott, WI, USA


Mark Cogan 10:58:01 7/26/2001


Just found your page and I think it's great. I'm a huge fan of the Nightmare On Elm Street movies and part 4 is one of my favorites. You were fantastic as Alice. Keep up the good work and hope to see a lot more of you on screen in the future. I am an aspiring filmaker and hope to work with you someday!

Mark Cogan From Cork, Ireland


Aaron Brown 19:25:40 7/24/2001


How are you doing Lisa! I hope you and your family is having a wonderful summer so far. I just found your website and I want to tell you that I really like it. I'm glad to finally hear updates on your life and career. You did a great job in Nightmare on Elm Street, Dream master & Dream Child. They are my 2 favorite movies of the Nightmare on Elm Street series. I saw your autograph section on the website and I will be ordering one pretty soon. Thanks for taking the time to read this. Take care and best wishes always!


Aaron Brown From Ringgold, GA, USA


Deserie 16:13:02 7/24/2001


Hello Lisa, I came arcoss your page because I occ####ionaly go back to Nightmare on Elm Street pages to see whats new. I am glad I cam across your page. I am one of the biggest Nightmare fans. I think you are a beautiful and talented actress. I have the series on DVD and I watch them over and over. I was just a little girl when the series came out (seeing how I was born in 80') but I love every film. I just wanted to write to you real quick because some people say that Nightmare On elm Street and Lisa Wilcox are of the past, well I dont believe that. You are definitely not forgotten and I can say that the Nightmare series will forver be remembered. Thank you so much and please, if you have some free time could you email me and let me know that you recieved this email. It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again

Deserie From Phoenix, Arizona, USA


Celeste 21:31:55 7/23/2001


Hey Lisa,
I have to tell you I only came across your website by accident and I remember watching Nightmare On Elm Street 4 over and over when I was younger. I still have a copy I taped from HBO when it first came out on cable. My boyfriend and I watch it when we want to see something scary. Hope everything goes well for you. Please email me back if you get a chance! Thanks, Celeste

Celeste From Port Richey, Fl, USA


Preston Garrison 21:38:52 7/22/2001


Hey Lisa,
As an aspiring actor, and 18, I just wanted to let you know that you are huge influence to me! Being from Missouri, like you, I see you and realize to myself that no matter where your from, you are always able to pursue your dreams. And being from a small town (south of Columbia) it is really hard to do that unless there are people like you to persuade small-towners to get out there and do it! Thank you so much, you are always in my prayers!

With love,

Preston Garrison From Isabella, Missouri, USA


matt 19:15:18 7/19/2001


Hi Lisa Your my fav actress. Saw u in noes 4&5.And i got to say 4 was my fav one of the series. i got all of em on dvd.I heard that u were goin to be in freddyvsjason.plz email me and let me know whats goin on with u and about the movie

matt From houston Tx, usa


Harold Burgher director 03:57:03 7/19/2001


Hey Ms.Wilcox
I am just writeing in just to let everybody know that I have just read the script of freddy vs jason and it is certain that Lisa Wilcox will in fact return as Alice and she is bringing along her son.
Thank you.

Harold Burgher director From dayton, ohio


trent norton 02:25:17 7/19/2001


Dear lisa hi how are are truly my favourite actor EVER!!! and i am really hoping you are going to star in freddy vs ultimate dream is to meet you in person. are you ever going to come down to one last question (will you marry me) just jokin yours truly trent.

trent norton From cootamundra, Australia
http://not sure


Billy 23:54:22 7/18/2001


Hey i hope too see you in the next nightmare movie (Freddy Vs. jason) Fan of your work since nightmare 4 keep up the goodwork

Billy From Belvidere,IL, USA


Billy 23:53:40 7/18/2001


Hey i hope too see you in the next nightmare movie (Freddy Vs. jason) Fan of your work since nightmare 4 keep up the goodwork

Billy From Belvidere,IL, USA

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